Alligator Sky
Japanese Name アリゲータースカイ
English Name Alligator Blues (English Dub)
User Timothy Kendrick
Namesake Alligator Sky (An Owl City song)
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range B
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential A

Alligator Sky (アリゲータースカイ Arigētā Sukai) is the Stand of Timothy Kendrick, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Alligator Sky is a humanoid Stand whose overall physique is very reminiscent to a small child's. Its eyes have circles of blue and violet throughout its scleral regions, producing a soft yet visible glow. Cones protrude from where the ears supposed to be and the chin rests a black diamond stud surrounded by a translucent silver outline. Upon being summoned, Alligator Sky is constantly wreathed in an aura of small, nebula clouds.

It has a top hat with cloudy details on the rim and the entire material of the hat is where can take a clear glimpse of an ever-changing starscape.

Abilities Edit

  • Cloud Manipulation:
  • Imagination Override:

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