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Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged
Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged
Japanese Name オールマイティー・ボス・デビル・イズ・チャルンジド(Ōrumaiteī Bosu Debiru izu Chiyarunjido)
User Paz Arazi
Namesake Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged, from Dragon Quest V
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range E
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential E

Abbreviated as Boss Devil (Romaji: Bosu Debiru; Kana: ボス・デビル)

Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged (Romaji: Ōrumaiteī Bosu Debiru izu Chiyarunjido; Kana: オールマイティー・ボス・デビル・イズ・チャルンジド) is the ujigami of Minamoto Takauji-no-Mikoto LXXV. It is featured in Shooting Star-Crossed.

Personality Edit

Boss Devil does not exhibit any personality other than absolute obedience towards its user.

Abilities Edit

  • Pre-Destruction: At the behest of its user, Boss Devil is able to destroy a number of futures.
    • After its user makes a prediction about the future actions of a living target, Boss Devil is able to destroy all of the futures where that prediction is the truth.
    • Subsequently, if the target acts in the manner that was predicted by the user of Boss Devil, the target will enter one of the soon-to-be destroyed futures and then be destroyed as Boss Devil destroys those futures.
    • Everyone else, on the other hand, will enter one of the futures where that prediction was not true. Consequently, from the viewpoint of anyone other than Boss Devil and its user, the target will perform an action that was not predicted by Boss Devil's user and then abruptly vanish for no apparent reason.
    • This tends to influence people into believing that one must do what the user has predicted in order to avoid vanishing. And because any target that is destroyed by Boss Devil will always be seen doing something other than what was predicted by Boss Devil, this misconception is incredibly difficult to overcome.

Trivia Edit

  • WIP...

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