Amano Kan’ichi
0a Amano Kan’ichi1
Japanese Name 天の神一
Romanized Name Amano Kan’ichi
English Name Godly One of the Heavens
Namesake Dio Brando
Stand Stairway to Heaven
Age 32
Gender Male
Height 6 Feet, 6 inches
Weight 200 pounds
Blood Type S
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Food Honey
Favorite Animal Bees
Favorite Flower Yellow Roses
Hobbies Gardening
Relatives Amano Omi (Ex-Wife)
Amano Kanna (Daughter)
Amano Kansuke (Son)

Amano Kan’ichi (Kanji: 天の, 神一; English: Godly One of the Heavens) is the main antagonist of Forsaken Shoes.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Trivia Edit

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