Do you think petty friendships and strong bonds would overcome the malice of the one causing these unfortunate souls to encounter their untimely demise? I think you need a bit of hate, anger, and darkness to cloud your thoughts should you desire to strike down the one whom you are hunting.
Japanese Name アンコウ
Romanized Name Ankō
Namesake Ankou the Breton equivalent of Death itself
Stand Harvester of Sorrows
Age Immortal
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Weight Unknown (Presumably 56 kg)
Blood Type Unknown
Nationality Unknown (Closely tied to Cornish or Breton origin)
Race Personification of Death
Hair Color Silvery-grey
Eye Color Black
Favorite Flower Chrysanthemum
Voice Actor Keith David
Ankou is the personification of Death in Breton and Cornish mythology and a character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

As the screams of rampant killings of both humans and Digimon alike by the hands of an unseen evil, Ankou sees this chain of murderous events as his irrefutable duty to reap the souls of those who have been perished where his presence haunts an abandoned barn outside of the city's borders.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit

Harvester of Sorrows Edit


Personal Edit

Being the Breton/Cornish figment of Death, Ankou naturally exhibits abilities tied to the domain of the supernatural such as inducing death towards those whom sees fit to be deserved one, beckoning the souls of the dead, necromancy, guarding the dead from mortal interference, etc. Surprisingly, he has the power to keep the data of the defeated Digimon under his grasp, into condense marbles which he calls "Artificial Essences".

Trivia Edit

  • Ankou was meant to be voiced exclusively in English, considering it would be weird for him to speak in Japanese, according to the creator.
  • Credits to the original artist of the picture provided.

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