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Ayaki Yoshitake
Japanese Name 佳丈綾城
Romanized Name Yoshitake Ayaki
English Name Ayaki Yoshitake (Viz Media)
Birth Name Ayaki Yoshitake
Namesake Ayaka
Stand Starset
Age 19
Birthday May 6th
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Weight 54 kg.
Blood Type O
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Movie Late Spring
Favorite Food Onigiri
Favorite Actor Setsuko Hara
Favorite Animal Wolverine
Favorite Flower Acacia
Favorite Musician Hollywood Undead
Occupation Student
Hobbies Kendo
Relatives Shiki Yoshitake (grandfather)
Aika Hashimoto
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyuu Ryōko Ono
Voice Actor Monica Rial (English Dub)

—Ayaki Yoshitake

Ayaki Yoshitake (佳丈綾城, Yoshitake Ayaki?), is a main protagonist of Steampunk Desire, and a powerful ally to Giotto and and his group. Much like her grandfather, both the Take ( Take?), and Ki (城, Ki?) can be read as Jō, thus making her a JoJo, despite not having the full birthmark, she does have half of it, as well as the blood running through her veins.

Ayaki is Shiki Yoshitake's only grandchild. When young, both of her parents died to a man from Shiki's past, forcing Shiki to take his grandchild in. Ayaki grew up as a tomboy, not being interested in the vernal girly stuff, and surprisingly enough, not interested in revenge for her parents. Rather, she saw Magnus Svensson being trained by her grandfather, and wanted to be trained as well. Unlike Magnus however, she learned about both the Ripple and Stands in tandem, unbeknownst to Magnus.

When Magnus left, Ayaki chose to stay and help her grandfather with his work with the Speedwagon Foundation. When hearing about a man with Joestar blood potentially being alive, she went and searched for him in the west, while her grandfather went to the east. Upon Shiki finding Giotto, she was later called when trouble arose.


—Ayaki Yoshitake

Ayaki is a decently sized woman of somewhat above average height for her gender, standing at one-hundred and seventy centimeters in height (5'7). She is noted for having fair skin, beautiful brown eyes, and long flowing black hair. She has an extremely lean physique, sporting somewhat noticeable muscles and abs from years of hard work. Another very noticeable feature is her bust, which is quite large. She is constantly seen with a white ribbon in her hair.

Her general attire consists of a short white T-shirt which is tied into a knot at the bottom, revealing her abs and navel, with blue skinny jeans with tassels at the bottom, akin to pants that cowgirls wear. Her left pant leg is cut off, only coming down to the top of her thigh, exposing her entire leg. To fit the cowgirl theme, she wears brown boots reminiscent to those of cowgirls, possibly from spending a lot of time in Texas. She wears a loose western style brown belt with a holster, despite not using a gun. She occasionally wears a denim jacket. Originally, she carried a sheath on her back which held her katana before she realized she could have Starset hold it in her stead. As a child, she wore fitted sports shorts, combat boots, and a similar white T-shirt, though it was cut down the middle rather than tied.


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