Bragging isn't much of my style, but what's more awesome than having a Stand that's a fucking dragon?
Back In Black
Japanese Name 暗闇に戻る(バックインブラック)
English Name Black Back (VIZ Media)
User Theodore Buckingham
Namesake Back in Black (A studio album\song by AC/DC)
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability D
Precision C
Developmental Potential B

Back In Black (暗闇に戻る(バックインブラック) Bakku In Burakku) is the Stand of Theodore Buckingham, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

Originally used by his late father, Teddy subconsciously inherited the Stand, then proceeded to develop it in his own specifications that suits his needs.

Appearance & Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Tremendous Strength: As a dragon-based Stand, Black In Black has always demonstrated its fortitude of pure destructive prowess. One quick swing of its arms can chop off the arm of any human or Digimon at precise accuracy, as demonstrated on Izzy & P. Glamour respectively. Its nature of a close-ranged Stand has it extremely capable in going toe to toe with other Stands on the same calibe such as Juno's Morning Glory. Its common method of pulling out a barrage of clawing strikes can tear metallic object in just mere seconds.
  • Cocytus Breath: Back In Black has the power to exhale torrents of jet-black and blue flames from its mouth. Alternatively, these flames can be ignited from its claws, hands, feet, and wings as well. There are two things that takes effect when the flames hit something; melt anything into a puddle of liquid at degrees extremely hotter than the sun or at temperatures surpassing absolute zero, the flames will instantly freeze them where a severe frostbite occurs while in their frozen state. In full effect, as major drawback, the inferno will cause widespread destruction if not well utilized under circumstances, potentially harming to allies and Teddy himself if he is in the middle of the blast zone. The grim intensity these fires bring also worsens any volatile material, such as exponentially amplifying Killer Queen's explosions in one occasion. Despite this, Teddy cautiously exploits this ability into crafty substitutes in providing fire without the risk of endagering others. Usually lighting up firewood that lasts longer and is much resistant against the wind.
  • Light Consumption: Back In Black can eat away light in an area within a radius of 50 meters, leaving behind an area of a pitch-black void. When a person enters the affected area where the light Back In Black has eaten away, all they see is eternal darkness, having difficulty in finding their way out back to the surface. It is not only their sight that is being affacted at a negative scale, they have to be quick about it underneath that void as the lack of light will shrivel their skin to the point of rotting it away, miraculously, these changes immediately revert back to the way it was when those in the void have made their way out. Artificial light produced by other means such as electricity can be eaten away, though it will not bring a void out of it. Unlike the flames, Teddy is completely unaffected by the void, giving him full access as well as retaining his sight within the boundaries of a void.

Trivia Edit

  • Image belongs to its respective owners.
  • The name of its ability is the same as MetalGarurumon's attack but the Stand's description holds a truer meaning of the name itself.
  • Its ability to eat the light is inspired by Vritra in Hindu Mythology.

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