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Japanese Name バングルズ
Romanized Name Banguruzu
Birth Name Steele Hoffs
Namesake The Bangles (American pop rock band)

Michael Steele and Susanna Hoffs (original vocalists for The Bangles)

Stand Manic Monday
Age 15
Birthday 1985
Gender Male
Height 180.4 cm
Weight 61.7 kg
Nationality Irish
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Occupation Would-be assassin, graffiti artist
Hobbies graffiti

Bangles (バングルズ "Banguruzu") is a minor antagonist in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged". He confronts the JoJo group in Dublin to try and defeat them before they board the boat to Liverpool.


Bangles is a brunette with green eyes and a medium slim build. His hair is swept down and to the left, out from under his baby blue beanie with a spray paint can pin on it. He wears a sky-blue jacket over a darker blue t-shirt with MM in orange. He also wears grey sweatpants that he wears sagging with clover-printed green boxers underneath and grey high top sneakers. He has a belt with multiple spray paint cans on it. There are three gold bangles on both of his wrists.


Bangles acts very mellowly but energetic. He isn't inherently evil, just mischievous and bent on defeating the JoJo group. He is a graffiti artist (and a talented one) and decides to pursue graffiti art after being defeated by the JoJo group.



Abilities and Powers

Stand: Bangles commands Manic Monday.