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Japanese Name ベアロクウエ
Romanized Name Bearokuue
English Name Bearoque (Viz Media)
Namesake Baroque music
Stand Bear With the Maiden Fair
Age 2
Birthday 2 February
Chinese Zodiac Aquarius
Gender Male
Height 41 cm.
Weight 0.2 kg.
Nationality German (technical)
Eye Color Black
Favorite Color Ivory
Favorite Food Plastic Cake
Occupation Unknown
Hobbies Tea Parties
Anime Debut Episode ?
Voice Actor Unknown


Bearoque (ベアロクウエ Bearokuue?) is a teddy bear inhabited by the Stand Bear With the Maiden Fair. Seeking out the organizer of the underground Stand fights, he becomes a core ally of Seiji Kamijou and his party, as well as the Speedwagon Foundation. He acts as the healer of the group thanks to his Stand's powers.

He is a major protagonist in Standpunk Underground.



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