I can make anyone that I don't like nonexistent, at least in this dimension. That's how Beautiful Lie works.
Beautiful Lie
Japanese Name 美しい嘘(ューティフル ライ)
English Name Beautiful Deception
User Riku Makino
Namesake A Beautiful Lie (An album/song by 30 Seconds to Mars)
Anime Debut The Makino Twins
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential B
Beautiful Lie (美しい嘘(ビューティフル ライ) Byūtifuru Rai) is the Stand of Riku Makino, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

Appearance Edit

Beautiful Lie assumes its being in the shape of humanoid Stand bearing distinctive aesthetics often related to the cybernetic ninja archetype. Its height is about a proportion slightly taller than its master, supported by a physique which takes an athletically slender physique effective for speed and agility.

Abilities Edit

  • Portal Control: Beautiful Lie's katana has the power to tactically alter the position of its own master or others towards different locations by slicing up a portal. At least 2 portals are needed, as anything that passes through one of the portals will end up on the wherever the second portal is situated in. Beautiful Lie can adjust the size of the portals it has produced, showing variety as they can be small as a mouse hole to as wide as a sinkhole. The number of portals it can open is indefinite, but they usually last about an interval of ~9 seconds. These holes can also be issued to act for offensive purposes as well, such making them into flying discs that cuts through anything it passes. Riku can seal a portal's ability to anyone that passes through it aside from him or anyone he chooses, effective in stopping an enemy from chasing him once a portal the user passes through denies entry to them.
    • Redirection: While in a fight, Beautiful Lie can displace portals at close proximity to him that will redirect any potential attack back at the attacker.
    • Banish:
  • Supernatural Speed:
  • Supernatural Precision:

Trivia Edit

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