So you're a Stand User too? That's cute, but I really don't have time for this, so I'm going to knock you out now. Psycho!

—Dylan confronting Randall

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Japanese Name ビューティー/サイコ
English Name Stars and Stripes
User Dylan Stump
Namesake American Beauty/American Psycho (album and song by Fall Out Boy)
Destructive Power Beauty: C

Psycho: A

Speed Beauty: D

Psycho: A

Range Beauty: C

Psycho: C

Durability Beauty: A

Psycho: D

Precision Beauty: A

Psycho: A

Developmental Potential Beauty: D

Psycho: D

Beauty/Psycho (ビューティー/サイコー "Byūti/Saikō") is the Stand of Dylan Stump, featured in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged".


Beauty/Psycho is a muscular humanoid Stand with a helmet around its head containing a visor that closes when one face faces the back. Their shoulders, arms, chests, and legs all have armor with black muscular "skin" beneath. They have robotic, double jointed fingers and forearms. They don't have a waist, and instead have a large ball joint where their torso pivots to switch bodies. From the ball joint down, the armor and ball are white. The armor on Psycho's front is red and the front of Beauty is blue, with an even split in color running along the sides of their shared body. Both bodies have white faces, but Psycho has red irises and a blue star surrounding each of its eyes. Beauty has blue irises and two vertical red stripes running the length of its face, across its eyes.


Beauty/Psycho is technically two Stands in one body, and as such has two different personalities. However, both are similar in that they are mostly sentient, as they are a reflection of Dylan's own self-awareness. Thus he refers to them as "he" individually and "they" as a duo.

Psycho is very excited and loud at all times when "out", and is characterized by his stand cry, "DANSU DANSU DANSU!!", used while attack-rushing. Outside of battle he often laughs or giggles maniacally and will sometimes whisper ridiculous things into Dylan's ear, no matter the situation, and in Dylan's happy state, he will seem like he's laughing at nothing. When in his serious state, Dylan will simply shoot Psycho a look, and he will stop laughing and withdraw.

Beauty never talks and almost always has its arms folded. It communicates almost entirely through expressions and gestures, which may be a reference to Dylan's love of acting. In Dylan's serious mood, Beauty is quick to hint at a solution and assist Dylan and Quinn with their investigations. When Beauty emerges when Dylan is in a happy mood, Dylan becomes alert and almost serious, believing there may be something wrong.


Beauty/Psycho is very unique Stand in that it can pivot on its ball-joint and switch "bodies", and both have their own unique abilities.


Explosion Manipulation

Psycho can set off explosions by pointing (usually with finger guns) at an area within approximately 50 meters of him. His signature attack, "Fourth of July", involves him volleying the enemy around the fighting space and finishing with a series of "finale" explosions mid-air.


No Flinching

Any singular attack or attack-rush launched on Beauty will not make him flinch or recoil. However, Dylan still receives this damage and may still collapse if he is sufficiently damaged. For instance, if a fire attack was launched on Beauty, he would be unaffected, while Dylan would be set aflame and take damage. Beauty also will not be interrupted when throwing a punch if an enemy strikes him. Therefore, he can take a few hits and then ready and launch an attack of his own, regardless of the angle at which the attack is launched. Once he readies a punch, however, Beauty doesn't usually change direction. Beauty's signature technique, "Irresistible", allows him to launch a volley of attacks without interruption, instead of only being able to punch normally.


Has the ability to sense minute physical irregularities in locations, images, and other mediums. This includes objects that are out of place, people that are acting abnormally, and even quirks and ticks in people's mannerisms. For example, being able to see an eyelid twitch when someone lies. This is often used to assist Dylan and Quentin in investigations and in finding an enemies weak point.



  • Psycho's battle cry "DANSU DANSU DANSU!!" is in reference to Fall Out Boy's song "Dance, Dance", from the album "From Under the Cork Tree". Both special moves are named after songs from the album "American Beauty/American Psycho" from which Beauty/Psycho derives its name.