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Obsession: Beelzebub
Japanese Name Obsession: Beelzebub
User  ???
Namesake Lord of the Flies Song by Iron Maiden.)
Destructive Power B
Speed B
Range B
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential E

Obsession: Beelzebub is the evolved form of the stand Obsession belonging to Dion.




Beelzebub's personality is nearly nonexistent as the only thing it does is emit a constant and ominous buzzing sound.


Beelzebub retains all abilities that Obsession originally had as well as additional abilities more benefiting its new form.

  • Addicting Fumes: Beelzebub is able to generate fumes from the pores in it's body that cause anyone that inhales them to become addicted to their smell within seconds of exposure. At high enough concentrations and intensities the fumes can overwrite the brain's logic center and place the need for their inhalation over even basic human functions such as eating, defecating and even exhaling after inhaling. The withdrawals symptoms that the stand produces can be fatal from mental shock.
  • Fume manipulation: Beelzebub is able to control the very fumes it creates so as to surround the targets of its users. It is capable of compressing the fumes into nearly indestructible constructs for various purposes.
  • Hallucination Creation: Beelzebub can generate a second kind of fume that sends all who inhale it into an hallucinatory state in which the user of the Beelzebub has absolute control over. This fume can be absorbed by skin contact and does not even need to be inhaled.

Additionally Beelzebub can also perform:

  • Close Combat: Beelzebub is capable of utilizing all parts of its body for combat, capable of overwhelming foes with its multiple limbs and sharp teeth/claws.
  • Consumption: Beelzebub is able to consume nearly anything with its multiple mouths converting it all into more fumes for it to utilize.

Beelzebub's SolosEdit

  • Absolute Loyalty: By concentrating onto his stand when in an agitated state Dion becomes able to make Beelzebub produce a pitch black fume that when inhaled permanently puts the person who inhaled it into blind loyalty to the user. The only way to break off this effect is by achieving a solo state as the overflow of stand power will allow stand users to resist another stands effects.


Beelzebub's is the evolved form of Beelzebub which arose from Beelzebub's metamorphosis ability maturing from a larva form into a fully matured stand, as such it lost all its development potential for a change in shape and powers.

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