Before My Body is Dry
Before Dry
Japanese Name ビフォー・マイ・ボッディー・イズ・ドライ(Bifuō Mai Boddeī izu Dorai)
Namesake Before My Body is Dry, from Kill la Kill
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range E
Durability E
Precision E
Developmental Potential A

Generally abbreviated as Before Dry (Romaji: Bifuō Dorai; Kana: ビフォー・ドライ).

Before My Body is Dry (Romaji: Bifuō Mai Boddeī izu Dorai; Kana: ビフォー・マイ・ボッディー・イズ・ドライ) is the ujigami of BLANK. It is featured in 『Shooting Star-Crossed』.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

Before Dry does not exhibit any personality other than obedience towards its user.

Abiltiies Edit

  • Divorce: At the behest of its user, Before Dry is able to utilize its sword as a means of "divorcing" one entity into two entities. Both of the two entities are similar to — but distinct from — the entity that the two of them were divorced from, yet — at the same time — the two entities are different from each other.
    • Remarriage: At the behest of its user, Before Dry is able to "marry" any entity that has been "divorced" from another with any other entity that has been "divorced" from another.
  • Hyperpotence: Before Dry exhibits the strength to utilize its sword to nigh-effortlessly lacerate even the hardest of diamonds. However, without its sword, Before Dry is unable to utilize its hyperpotence to inflict damage upon an entity without inflicting damage upon itself as well.
  • Superluminality: Even without acceleration, Before Dry is able to maneuver at the speed of light itself! And when Before Dry IS allowed to accelerate, it's able to SURPASS the speed of light!

Trivia Edit


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