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Blinded By Light



Japanese Name 光に目がくらん(ブラインディッド・バイ・ライト)
User Chiyan Yotsunoya
Namesake Blinded by Light (Masashi Hamauzu song)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Destructive Power C (ACT1) B (ACT2)
Speed A (ACT1) A (ACT2)
Range D (ACT1) D (ACT2)
Durability E (ACT1) E (ACT2)
Precision B (ACT1) A (ACT2)
Developmental Potential A (ACT1) A (ACT2)

Blinded by Light (ブラインディッド・バイ・ライト Buraindiddo Bai Raito?) frequently shortened to B2L (ビー・トゥー・エル Bī Tū Eru?), is the Stand of Chiyan Yotsunoya, featured primarily in Vendetta of Light.

Rare among Stands, Blinded by Light takes two distinct forms called "ACT"s, which Chiyan may call upon alternately, along with this, it possess what's known as a "substand".

Blinded By Light ACT1Edit


Image Control: ACT1 has the ability to manipulate the light that reflects off of its body. As such, it is capable of granting its light mass and making it attack whomever it may choose. Due to the fact that the creation is intangible as it is light, the manipulated image is completely indestructible and does not feel pain.




Blinded by Light ACT2Edit


Image Control, ACT2: Blinded by Light's second form increases its image manipulation abilities beyond its first form's capabilities, granting it the ability to control what it's image is, thus allowing it to behave like what its perceived as, such as if Blinded By Light created an image of fire, it would burn things.




Blinded by Light: Crimson BlitzEdit

Destructive Power: A
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: C
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: B

Crimson Blitz (クリムゾンブリッツ Kurimuzon Burittsu?) is a "substand" of Blinded by Light.

Crimson Blitz has the ability to continuously store up, and release light as multiple images of itself. This newfound ability grants it various effects, of which allowing it to create multiple "image golems" with ACT1, as well as multiple other images he can manipulate utilizing ACT2.




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