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Japanese Name ブロンディー
Romanized Name Burondī
Birth Name Deborah Christopher
Namesake Blondie (American rock band)

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein (founding members of Blondie)

Stand Love Bites
Age 19
Birthday 1981
Date of Death 2000
Gender Female
Height 170.2 cm
Weight 56.2 kg
Nationality American
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Assassin

Blondie (ブロンディー "Burondī") is a major antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged". She holds a shard of The Arrow and was convinced to join LIO and start creating Stand Users to do his bidding.


Blondie is a beautiful American woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and red lips. She wears a red trench coat with LIO imprinted on the back in black. She often wears aviators and black high heels. Her earrings are tiny bear traps clamped onto her earlobes.


Blondie is a relentless and ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to carry out LIO's orders. She never widens her eyes and always looks non-plussed, even when using her Stand to rip an enemy to shreds. When she loses, she starts to scream and cackle.



Abilities and Powers

Stand: She commands Love Bites.

Good Looking: She can seduce men very easily and convince them to do what she wants.