Boogie Shoes
Boogie Shoes
Japanese Name 舞踊熱狂ぶり(ブギーシューズ)
Namesake Boogie Shoes
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range E
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential A

Boogie Shoes (舞踊熱狂ぶり Dancing Frenzy?, ブギーシューズ) Bugī Shūzu is the Stand of [[]]. It is featured in Part A.


Much like the rest of the Stands in Part A, Boogie Shoes doesn't have a physical manifestation. Instead, it is bound to ---'s trainer shoes. However, unlike certain object-bound Stands, it seems to have a will of its own and can therefore communicate with --- instead of simply performing mindless orders.


Seeing as though Boogie Shoes possesses ---'s trainers, its abilities are related to locomotion and leg/foot strength:

  • ':



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