The Bow & Arrow (弓と矢 Yumi to Ya) is an ancient artifact featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown. While called as such, only the Arrow is the most prominent and only two have guaranteed possession of the item.

Profile Edit

Background Edit

According to an entry by the archaeologists who founded the relic in 2001, the material used to form what the Bow & Arrow looks as of now was something similar founded in meteorites, theorizing that a meteorite crash landed on Earth, somewhere in Africa million years ago. Through careful and patient observation, the archaeologists also identified an alien virus that had been laying dormant, even before making its impact on the planet's surface.

One of the archaeologists tried to test what the virus is capable of as he lets a subordinate to shoot him wherever in his body using the arrow. After being shot, he began to experience a abnormally high fever that lasted more than a week, and few days passed, he was already fine with all signs of the fever completely eliminated.

The archaeologist then kept record of his findings that the virus lying inside the meteorite was attracted to the innate spiritual willpower of mankind, as he experience as if his own spirit was undergoing some sort of metamorphosis due to the exposure of the Arrow's virus.

Originally, they were about a twenty of each set, three of them, which was shipped to Japan for exhibition purposes in Shinjuku Historical Museum, were supposedly lost after the D-Reaper incident back at Shinjuku during the same year.

Then in 2028, an unidentified creature, presumably a Digimon, stole 14 of the remaining sets and scattered them throughout the Digital World. One of the Digimon who had witnessed the Arrows said that is was to be the means of countering

Stand-Awakening Properties Edit

Upon in any form of contact with the Arrow, the material it is made of will marshal and awaken the Stand of the living entity it hits.

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