Boy 2 Woman
Japanese Name ボーイ2ヲマン
English Name Boy Boy Woman
User La Pucelle
Namesake Boyz II Men (band)
Destructive Power B
Speed B
Range A
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential D

Boy 2 Woman (ボーイ2ヲマン Bōi 2 Woman) is the Stand of La Pucelle, featured in Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project.

Abilities Edit

To alter the mass and size of a weapon at his will: Boy 2 Woman allows La Pucelle to alter the size of a weapon to be larger or smaller than its original size, he usually uses his special sword to do this.

The length and size of the sword can be adjusted at will, and it seemingly has no upper or lower bounds.

The sword comes with a sheath, and as a side effect of his powers, the sheath too can have its size altered.

La Pucelle does not need to be holding the sword for him to be able to change its size. As long as the sword is within his sight, he is able to affect its size regardless.

Despite La Pucelle only shows this ability with his sword, the ability allows to change the size of every weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • The name is also a reference to the fact that Souta goes from "Boy" to "Woman" when he transforms into La Pucelle.

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