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Candy Girl
En Vogue
Japanese Name キャンディ・ーガール
User Lenna Põldvere
Namesake Candy Girl (New Edition song)
Destructive Power C
Speed C
Range A
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential D

Candy Girl (キャンディージー(キャンディ・ーガール) Kyandī Gāru?) is the primary Stand of Lenna Põldvere featured in "Steampunk Desire".

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

En Vogue appears to be a sentient stand, showing signs of self preservation through protecting its user, and even giving Lenna advice.


  • Activation: Candy Girl has the ability to "activate" things. What this means is that it can augment and enhance things, as well as heal other things by activating the regenerative factor of cells. The general application is to enhance En Vogue's speed and strength to compensate for its lack of destructive power, as well as enhance and augment the abilities and stands of her allies as well as help Lenon heal everyone else.
  • Connection: Candy Girl shares a connection with Candy Shop, and gives Lenna by extension, a connection with Diorre, giving her the ability to somewhat sense where he is. This made Lenna throughout her time in the story the compass of the group when it came to Diorre.
  • Time Distortion: Candy Girl shows the ability to distort time, this said to be an ability acquired due to her blood relationship with Diorre, receiving some of his time abilities. The limits of distortion are truly unknown, however Candy Girl has shown the ability to distort time in order to avoid injuries, injure foes, or even heal people through the usage of reversing and undoing time. This can be used in her favor to make up for her stand's lack of speed and strength.




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