To you kids, you see Digimon as partners that depend on that bond equals strength bullshit, but to us adults, they're another fucking reason why children must never interact with anything that isn't human, even if they look "cute".
You can't catch me, rotten pieces of shit!!

—Charlie during the car chase.

Charles Alexander Hughes Coverdale IV
Japanese Name チャールズ・アレキサンダー・ヒューズ・カバーデール IV
Romanized Name Chāruzu Arekisandā Hyūzu Kabādēru IV
Namesake Charlie Parker (American jazz saxophonist)

David Coverdale (Whitesnake vocalist)

Stand Killer Queen
Age 29
Birthday January 8
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 66 kg
Blood Type A
Nationality British
Race Human
Hair Color Hazel

Black & Silver (Post-Bites The Dust)

Eye Color Dark Grey

Silver (Post-Bites The Dust)

Favorite Color Lavender
Favorite Movie Star Wars
Favorite Food Cookies & Cream-flavoured latte
Favorite Actor Tom Cruise
Favorite Animal Lynx
Favorite Musician Tom Jones
Affiliation MI5
Occupation Agent

Stand User

Hobbies Crafting
Relatives Gabriel S. Hughes (Cousin)
Seiyuu Mamoru Miyano
Voice Actor Doug Erholtz

Charles Alexander Hughes Coverdale IV ( チャールズ・アレキサンダー・ヒューズ・カバーデール Chāruzu Arekisandā Hyūzu Kabādēru), or simply called as "Charlie", is an elite agent working for the Secret Service and the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

The sole heir to the Coverdale fortune and an elite member of the MI5, Charlie uses his local publicity to dupe people into doing whatever means to protect the city, only to use that motive to bely his deviant and malignant goals.

His comedic penchant aligning with his latent ruthlessness earned him the title of The Butcher for his grim actions towards anyone who is a threat of the nation, as well as having a record kept in one of his journals of the Digimon he slaughtered both in the city and out of its borders.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Coming from an aristocratic lineage gives Charlie's handsome and well-built appearance a more natural atmosphere to his status. A man of above-average height and weight with a robust yet slim frame. He has short hazel hair with bangs falling on his forehead, covering a considerable portion of it, piercing light-grey eyes, and fair skin.

Original/Pre-Bites The Dust Attire Edit

He dons a luxurious gear consisting of a jet-black buttoned dress shirt having golden buttons across the front and the same around somewhere the cuffs, and a checkerboard-theme necktie. Over it is a cyan vest fastened by black buttons and bears dark highlights across the sides and his hands are usually covered by black gloves with silver lining.

In addition, he sports a luxurious white coat having black trim and a whitish-gold fleur-de-lis outlined by a brown circle on the front pocket. He dons dark-blue pants secured by a belt having a well-detailed skull decal engraved on the buckle and finishing his attire are black shoes with silver highlights and a white sole.

After cutting off his left hand that was trapped and presumably crushed by a large boulder while running away in hopes from escaping Juno and her allies, it was immediately replaced by a black-and-white prosthetic hand and to conceal his replacement, Charlie wears a pair of pitch-black gloves.

Post-Bites The Dust Attire Edit

When the Arrow had pierced him again in response to his newfound surge of dedication, Charlie's facial appearance was extensively affected upon gaining his Stand's third ability as his hair changed from natural hazel into a supernatural jet-black tone with a silver tint. His light-grey eyes shifted into full-blown silver. Additionally, he also discarded his usual attire in favour of a fresh set of clothing.

The personal attire is still a suit but it now consists a dark-red blazer with coattails and golden highlights/accents in particular areas of the clothing, such as the shoulders, across the front, and around the cuffs, in the form of skull-shaped symbols. Underneath is an ash-grey vest with a clear, silver lining, neatly aligned by a row of golden buttons over a violet dress shirt coupled by a necktie displaying a cropped symbol of the Digital Hazard in prominent red. For the lower section, Charlie is in favour of wearing a pair of jet-black jeans with snow-white designs and violet/blue sneakers.

Personality Edit

If there is one thing Charlie loves to abuse and that his manipulative and devious mentality. While during office work back at his cubicle in the agency, Charlie keeps a subtle profile hinting his slick intelligence underneath that unfazed and confident attitude, as he always spread false accusations and speculations between his fellow man. It was his own idea to have most of the Digimon in the Digital World to focus in attacking the city of London just so they can find whoever is responsible of the gruesome onslaughts throughout the dimension or blatantly express how much they are against and hateful towards humans, much to the manipulator's mischievous amusement. This precision of cunning deviousness seems to be gone whenever Charlie tries to flirt with a woman, especially that one girl working at the reception counter.

When attempting to manipulate Digimon however, all he had to do charge them with Killer Queen's Primary Bomb, thus threatening to erase them unless they do exactly what he wants something or needed to be done. While it was never his goal to conquer the Digital World as he states that its too "cliche", Charlie ignites the tension between man and Digimon with scheming dedication in convincing not just London nor the country, but to the entire world to declare war at the digital dimension, however he still has his doubts on enticing interdimensional war between organic material and digital material.

His silver-tongued vocabulary makes him competent in persuading recently-made Stand users the Arrow had chosen into doing his dirty work for him in exchange of giving what they desire since he, according to his own words, "a filthy, no-good, under-the-cover-of-a-secret-agent rich kid", the tasks given by the agent have shed light that he is rotten to the core, diabolical, tyrannical, and malignant where his orders range from mindless violence, robbery, extortion, and even hijacking cargo containing powerful military weapons. Charlie is extremely violent and does not hesitate in killing his enemies just to bail out from the scene with no remorse.

Charlie's fatal flaw is his extreme arrogance; Occasionally, right after beating a formidable opponent with his Stand, the young agent simply boasts about his superiority above, followed by monologuing in the flow of harshly mocking his fallen enemy in ways bent on just ticking them off even more. Despite of his noble upbringing, and in secrecy, Charlie is one fellow who do not see and spits at the value and importance of order, something that highly contradicts the purpose as one of Britain's top-ranked and elite agents. The reason of his twisted, psychopathic, and heartless attitude is that he only sees peace and order as a mere illusion for the diehard fools worthy enough to kill themselves in the line just to take a shot of it, thus seeing a momentary glimpse of that concept as something he values pure carnage and destruction towards it.

He has shown no hesitation in killing children, at least in his case, a Digimon in the level akin to a child after an entry in his journal indicating that he had indeed murdered a DemiDevimon and a Pagumon during his unseen killing spree in the Digital World.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Killer Queen Edit

Charlie's Stand grants him access to completely obliterate a targeted object or person using probed explosions through a bomb that has been planted on them by Killer Queen's touch. While its abilities are destruction incarnate, the Stand can only charge one bomb at a time and its user must crucial on the right timing should he set off the charge.

Intelligence Edit

Charlie is a crafty strategist who hones his intellectual talent in formulating strategies that keeps him a step ahead of those who try to defeat him. Having displayed precision on where to implant a bomb so his enemies won't even expect a sudden attack.

His ingenuity and analytical mindset influenced him into a terrifying opponent when it comes to tactics; Charlie seems to devise a plan inside his mind, even while facing head-on with the likes of Juno, who's a skilled strategist as he is but miles beneath him in terms of experience.

Master of Deception Edit

As mentioned before, Charlie has no problem in convincing anyone that interests him to be his pawns. The prominence of his manipulative skills is mostly evident in promising a recently-born Stand user that they will have anything they desire in exchange of becoming his couriers, mindlessly doing whatever their proposer told them to do.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Edit

Even without Killer Queen's assistance, Charlie is a very formidable and deadly combatant thanks to his in-depth training in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to defeat a group of thugs unarmed in a matter of seconds through swift punches, chops, elbow strikes, and even pinpoint pressure points to render one of them neutralize. Charlie's unprecedented competence in martial arts made him go toe-to-toe with Juno, who utilizes a pair of yoyos at fluid and precise degrees.

His record states that Charlie has at least mastered 4 types of martial arts; including Karate, Southern Dragon Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga.

Trivia Edit

  • Charlie is of mixed ancestry; while both of his parents are English, his father has Japanese blood in his veins while his mother is Russian, Spanish, and Korean descent.
  • He can be considered as an antithesis to Yoshikage Kira
    • Kira aims for a peaceful life; Charlie wants "a bit of chaos and pain" after being exposed to the triviality and boredom as a rich kid.
    • Kira avoids to cause trouble which could ruin his vision of a quiet life; Charlie is a conniving gentleman who always spark tension between two fellow agents.
    • Kira has no qualms murdering someone trying to disturb his lifestyle; Charlie doesn't seem to be bothered by anyone insulting or humiliating him, as long as they don't pose a threat to his "magnanimous plans".
    • Kira will do whatever it takes to cover up the murders he committed; Charlie on the other hand, barely has the motivation to clear out any evidence since arrogance made him put faith to his charisma, charm, and suave looks in convincing authorities to do otherwise.
    • As Josuke points out that Kira's Killer Queen's not suited for close-ranged combat; Charlie thoroughly developed his Killer Queen to be more oriented in offensive capabilities after finding out he had no match against Moon River, despite the injuries Ruki had sustained..

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