I'm a motherfucking genius!!

—Chen Lee

Normally I prefer to talk my way through during tough situations. Guess a harmless conversation is out of the question then.

—When confronting Gabriel

Chen Lee
Japanese Name 李陳(チェンリー)
Romanized Name Ri Chen
English Name Chen Wong
Stand Rabbit Fighter
Age 16
Birthday February 14
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 64 kg
Nationality Chinese-Japanese
Race Human
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Movie Kung-Fu Hustle
Favorite Food Burrito
Favorite Actor Julie Andrews
Favorite Animal Tiger
Favorite Musician Enya
Favorite Sportsman Yao Ming
Occupation Student
Hobbies Tinkering with gadgetry

Playing the piano

Relatives Jianliang Lee (Father)

Japanese Mother

Seiyuu Yuki Ono
Voice Actor Sam Riegel
Chen Lee (李陳(チェンリー) Ri Chen) is a major character and a core ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

By mere coincidence, the Arrow pierced him in the neck minutes after arriving in London. Because of that, Chen and his partner, Huskmon, decided to join forces with the twins and their allies in their bizarre misadventures.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Chen is a svelte young man having above-average height and weight for his age, making him taller than the twins. He inherits his father's tanned complexion and blue hair, that is styled in an unkempt manner to compliment his status as a self-proclaimed "wild genius", and has green eyes that reflect with confidence in them. He has a pair of silver framed glasses that only add to his natural intellect.

Primary Attire Edit

Going for a gear conventional to his everyday life as the personal smart guy towards his comrades, Chen sports a nifty, black and neon green hoodie that gives off a sleek, futuristic impression to those who gaze at it for quite awhile. A dark-green, long-sleeved, buttoned shirt can be seen clearly being worn underneath his hoodie.

He sports a fresh pair of dark jeans, secured by a belt bearing a distinctive checkerboard pattern of black and white squares. Lastly, a pair of black sneakers with emblazoned neon-green accents seem to be a part of Chen's preference when it comes to footwear.

Uniform Edit

Like all students being taught at Brownstone High School, Chen dons the required male uniform while school hours are currently going on.

Pajamas Edit


Personality Edit

Chen always put up a polished yet laid-back attitude that compliments well for his technological mindset. At first glance, he does not seem to be serious whenever being asked to repair a certain gadget as if he was moving his arms in a lazy manner, but his hidden competence over mechanics makes him able to get the job the done even while giving the impression of not taking the task at hand very seriously. He's also takes the role of the jester, constantly telling jokes that aren't even funny or worth laughing, however his comedic side is less prevalent when being involved with more pressing matters, although he still has his thing for cracking up ironic remarks of his enemies' fate should they be defeated by his Stand.

However, he's also genuinely honest because of stating that not everything he had made is finished in an hour or so, and despises bragging unless he makes a certain breakthrough during his time as an inventor and winces of someone mentioning one of the negative stereotypes of geniuses at him. His honesty fades away whenever a fight breaks loose with an enemy Stand user or anyone hostile towards him or his allies, showing that Chen isn't above using underhanded tricks and cheap tactics to outsmart his opponents.

While optimistic, he seems to have his father's calm and deliberate mentality, along with his fondness of collecting Digimon-related collectibles. Being a genius has its drawbacks for Chen isn't a morning person due to how many hours spent tinkering or doing homeworks or projects submitted even weeks before the deadline. Chen is irked of seeing someone using a gadget, such as a mobile phone or video game console, with such carelessness as he irritatedly told Juno to hand her Digivice the right way instead of throwing it.

Chen suffers a case of OCD due to his weird and unusual preferences; having felt the need to occupy both pockets, spent alot so that the amount of his savings will end in either 5 or 0, and the most prevalent of this obssessions are his fascination for cubes or anything cubic in nature. His bed is supported by an aesthetic cube bed frame, his lamp is shaped like a Menger's Sponge, the doorknob to his room is also cubic, has a collection small high quality figurines kept inside cubic containers in an orderly line, aside from burritos, he likes eating cube-shaped ice cream served in a cubic plate, has a cube accessory hanging on to his pants, and always bring his lunch inside a cube-shaped box.

Ironically, he dislikes playing the Rubik's cube for its complicated mechanics and that one video game that must not be mentioned.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Rabbit Fighter Edit


Hand-to-Hand Combat Edit


Brilliant Tactician Edit


Knowledge in Programming Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Chen has won in 1st place 5 times in a row during the Global Championships of the hit Blizzard game, Overwatch. In the game, he greatly excels in playing as either Tracer or Symmetra.
  • Like his father before him, Chen is a enthusiastic Digimon fan.
  • His quote "I'm a motherfucking genius!!" is from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas during the mission Pier 69, where Ryder can be heard saying this if the player fails to catch up to him, thus escaping.
    • Unlike Ryder who claims to be one, Chen is true to his nature as a genius.

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