Critical Acclaim
Namesake Critical Acclaim (Avenged Sevenfold song)
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Range B
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential C
Imagine a plot hole in a movie. A glaring inconsistency that sabotages what has already been established. Something that destroys logic altogether. Now, put that phenomenon into our world. That is Critical Acclaim's power.


Critical Acclaim is the Stand of (...)

Appearance & Personality Edit

Critical Acclaim is a tall, slim humanoid Stand. Surrounding its chest region is a large, metallic rib cage. The rib cage expands at its sides into two appendages that extend into swords at their elbows, capable of joining onto Critical Acclaim's frail arms.

Critical Acclaim shows signs of sentience, and communicates using a method similar to echolocation that only its user is able to understand. Its personality is said to be very basic, with the Stand only caring about its objective. Its battle cry is a loud, robotic grunt that it lets out with each scythe or punch.


  • Metaphysical Manipulation: Critical Acclaim is able to warp reality and logic as a whole, creating improbabilities and bending the universe's laws to a desired state. Critical Acclaim's powers are strongest when within 20 metres of the Stand, with its effects gradually weakening with distance before completely dissipating at around 50 metres.
  • Pocket Dimension: Critical Acclaim's scythe-like appendages can tear a portal into an alternate dimension, appearing much alike a flesh wound in the area that the Stand scythes. Critical Acclaim's power over metaphysics originates from its pocket dimension; its laws exists inside the dimension, and within a certain distance of Critical Acclaim's dimensional tears. The effective range of the dimensional tears are directly proportionate to the size of the tear, typically five times the tear's length.
  • Healing: Critical Acclaim is able to restore biological objects to an optimal state, on the condition that the target is either in the pocket dimension or within range of a dimensional tear.

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