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Daft Punk
Japanese Name ダフト・パンク (Dafuto Panku)
English Name Mad Punk (VIZ Media)
User Seiji Kamijou
Namesake Daft Punk (French electronic musical duo)
Seiyuu Takeshi Kusao
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential B
SPOILER WARNING: Part Spoiler details may follow.

—Seiji on Daft Punk

Daft Punk (ダフト・パンク Dafuto Panku?) is the Stand of Seiji Kamijou, featured in Standpunk Underground.


A unique and rather striking Stand in appearance, Daft Punk is often described as a "delinquent Star Platinum" by the author. Its body is largely a vibrant pink in color, with this still visible between large spans without clothing. Black lines run down the sides of its stomach and legs, and the two armored plates on its shoulders are the same color as its skin. Its face is largely armored, with only a large shock of equally-pink hair sticking out from the top; the armor is generally black in color with a thick silver trim (to the point where it covers most of its chin). A set of rather cartoonish eyes are visible through the armor, with pure white sclera and orange irises. An armored collar (green in color) sits on its shoulders, covering all but the front of its neck, and on its back it wears an armored piece that appears to be a deformed version of its own head (hair included). Daft Punk wears arm guards, black with a light green trim, that cover the entirety of its forearms and the backs of its hands, with a single green stripe along its palms.

On its chest, connected somewhat to the collar and shoulder-guards, is a rather complex bit of armor. It is of a silver color, but the inside of the front has been hallowed out, exposing a set of four colored buttons (rather like a video game controller) and a large multicolored area. Black ridges can occasionally be found along the edges of this chestplate.

It wears a strange belt around its waist, complex and made of different parts that stick out from the Stand's main body. These are very close to Daft Punk's boots, which are similar to its vambraces in color, though armored plating is visible on the knee and foreleg areas. The bottom of said boots appear to be more shoe-like in appearance, with green "laces" crossing it and held in place by pink counterparts. The green appears to extend to even the bottom of the foot pieces.

As a Stand, it is very similar in build to its user.


Daft Punk appears to be a vehicle of sorts for Seiji, often expressing through its movements and actions emotions that he himself would have trouble communicating alone. Despite lacking a face and having a rather emotionless exterior, it still displays a great deal of emotion, somewhat unique among its kind of Stand. The first notable example is its habit of, when emerging, turning around and flashing a thumbs up at its master. This process will at times be repeated when it lands a successful attack of great magnitude or defeats an opponent. It also appears to be quite confident at times, often crossing its arms in front of its chest when not actively fighting, whilst still maintaining a feeling of constant readiness for battle. Against strong opponents, however, such as Judas Priest's One, it will remain in a constantly alert pose for the entire fight, often adjusting to compensate for a change in location. While its habit of expressing emotions that Seiji himself cannot do with confidence can be helpful at times, it can also lead to embarrassing situation when thoughts he does not wish to speak aloud are on his mind. Daft Punk has also been shown appearing while already acting out the emotion, and will often open with an attack, without a verbal command. As a reflection of Seiji, it understands him well, and therefore needs very little in the way of commands, battling according to his desires and both their instincts. When its user was a child, it showed off a good amount of instinct for self-preservation and a care for him. It would manifest in small parts, reaching out to places beyond his reach in order to get things for Seiji or deflecting punches and kicks from other children, occasionally striking back in turn.

Its Stand cry is "SEIYAAAAAAAAA...! (セイヤヤヤヤヤヤヤヤヤヤ...!?)".



Super Strength and Speed- This Stand possesses incredible strength, even before it was properly manifested. This was first demonstrated during a flashback, where a punch given by a partially-manifested Daft Punk delivered a blow to a bully that far surpassed the strength of an ordinary child, knocking him out cold. Once fully used, this power continues to grow, and Daft Punk easily reaches the level expected of a humanoid, short-ranged Stand. Its punches can easily match that of others like it, and this proves a great asset when performing its Stand rush. The strength also appears to apply to durability, as this Stand can take an incredible amount of punishment; while damage will be seen, it can continue to battle despite being heavily wounded, acting as if the injuries are not there. This does not appear to apply to its user, as Seiji is still slowed down and in pain from attacks, relying only on his own grit to keep going and trusting in Daft Punk's own indurance. Its power seems to be a compensation for its rather limited range, though the same can be said of its speed. Possessing the potential to reach incredible velocity within its range, Daft Punk is capable of moving at ridiculously quick speeds, snatching incoming projectiles, such as bullets, from the air with relative ease. While Stand-powered attacks are generally more problematic, it can deal with them on occasion. The two traits are often combined, allowing Daft Punk to deliver a hail of super-strong blows at lightning speeds, the attack being very difficult to block as a result. Its range appears to be the greatest weakness it suffers from, as it relies on its Stand user to move towards far-away opponents despite the capacity to throw powerful projectiles in return. As the Stand evolves this weakness is reduced, but only somewhat and remains an Achilles' heel.

Enhanced Senses- In addition to its great physical prowess, Daft Punk wields senses that are greater than the average man. Its powers allow it to see things that the human eye can not ordinarily detect, and even then it can spot and react to sudden, oncoming attacks within a certain speed range; those who move faster than it can still strike while being undetected, and Seiji's own perception can be hindered, hindering his Stand's in turn. Daft Punk also possesses an incredible sense of touch, capable of discovering the difference between two doors simply by the near-imperceptible changes in the feeling of the grain. When manifesting the Stand through his body, Seiji has demonstrated enhanced smell and hearing as well, attesting to this facet of its abilities.

Electromagnetism Manipulation- Daft Punk's primary ability is the power to generate and manipulate electromagnetism. Aside from gravitation, this force encompasses almost all visible phenomena, ranging from light itself to even chemistry or almost all mechanics. The result is an incredibly powerful and versatile ability, one that can be truly difficult to deal with. The ability is further compounded with Seiji's intelligence and further research onto the nature of his power. This power appears to be usable through Seiji himself when he channels the Stand through his body. Thus, he can perform complex procedures using this ability and not actually having Daft Punk fully manifested.

At first, this power takes the form of simple electricity generation, though of a level higher than other abilities. This was first demonstrated in Seiji's fight with Kamatari Nakamura, where his Stand proved capable of absorbing and remaining unaffected by Body Electric's powerful voltage. Daft Punk can also shroud its body, especially its fists and kicks, with this electricity, dealing a great amount of extra damage in addition to that delivered by its Stand rush. However, while this was the baseline ability, Seiji eventually realized that it could do more, that its current power was far from its limit. Upon this understanding and increased character growth, as well as some inventiveness on his part, the Stand gained the power to emit raw electromagnetism itself. In addition to delivering blows shrouded in this force, it can also generate constructs; generally walls and occasionally crude weapons. According to Seiji, it's a difficult thing to make constant constructs, and thus they often only appear for an instant. Through the manifestation of Daft Punk directly in his body, Kamijou can view the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum without fear of harm, including night and thermal vision. Because of this, ordinary forms of disguise and concealment can be quite useless against him, though this power cannot detect Stands who are hiding their user through some sort of power. Stands in general seem to be immune to this effect, as Tiptoe Through the Tulips was no more detectable when moving at beyond lightspeed than any other members of his group.

The most fearsome aspect of this ability is Daft Punk's power to manipulate matter through electromagnetism. In addition to controlling the raw EM spectrum itself, such as various types of radiation, from cosmic energy itself to even ultraviolet. Through this power, this Stand can briefly negate gravity, allowing Seiji to fly for short periods mid-battle. The magnetism ability falls under Daft Punk's powerset as well, and grants it control over metal. By far the most used aspect of this ability is the power to manipulate all the known particles, even including such substances as dark matter. Essentially, almost everything in the world can be effected by Daft Punk's power, granting the Stand an incredible amount of strength, described as "limitless potential" by Dante Inferiro Orlandrius. The power to manipulate chemistry is also available, granting Seiji the ability to create explosive or deadly mixtures in thin air, as well as new chemicals that can aid him in battle. Through this, he has occasionally proved capable of laying traps for the enemy.

By far the greatest weakness of this ability is the user itself. No two of these abilities seem to be used at the same time, and such a thing is beyond Seiji's current abilities. While powers that are closely-tied enough can have aspects used simultaneously, full use of all of the Stand's abilities at once is regarded as impossible, save for certain circumstances. Its user remains the greatest liability, as the Stand relies largley on his own perception in order to act, save for instances of self-preservation. If Seiji is impaired, so too is Daft Punk in most areas. Like other humanoid Stands, damage taken to it is reflected on Kamijou as well.

Hawking Radiation Generation- The most important development of Daft Punk's electromagnetism power, gained during the lad's first fight with Judas Priest's One and spurred on by his rage. The Stand thus developed the power to freely generate and cloak itself with Hawking radiation, all of its attacks being like infused. An impressive counter, this grants Seiji's Stand the power to 'break' the black holes generated by One; presented as the anomalies physically cracking and then shattering into pieces, vanishing into nothingness. Damage inflicted by Daft Punk while in this state has proved lasting, unable to be restored by One's regenerative ability. This power does not, however, appear to effect the white holes generated by Priest's Stand, and the gravitational and generational effects of both are not effected greatly. In addition, this power seems to require Seiji consciously activating it and can deactivate on its own after a certain period of time, as after losing control this power vanished and restored itself infrequently. However, it is still an important increase in Daft Punk's power, and proves the turning point that allows him to hold his own for a time against Priest, as well as the incident that encourages the dark manager into the gamble that would grant him the power of Event Horizon.

Extreme Throwing Speed and Precision- Through the application of its electromagnetic power, as theorized by Emilia Vartiainen, Daft Punk can effectively reproduce the effects of a railgun with its own body, as well as that of Seiji. Using its arms as the railing, sending a current up and back through each arm, with its chest acting as the center and armature. Through this method, the Stand can pick up any projectile and proceed to hurl it at incredible speeds, far surpassing 3 km/s. The result is projectiles whose impact can cause just as much, if not more damage than their actual detonation, and can tear down whole buildings through a single well-placed strike. While this ability requires some amount of concentration and is not quite practical for one-on-one fights, it offers a possible solution to Daft Punk's range issue. It can also hurl Stands, as shown when it used this power to throw Smashing Pumpkin a grand distance away, breaking through or bypassing the defenses set before it. This ability is also used with a great amount of precision, allowing Seiji to hit specific or nearly-specific areas.

Evolved Forms

Daft Punk Over Heaven
Japanese Name ダフト・パンク・オーバーヘブン
English Name Mad Punk Over Heaven (VIZ)
User Seiji Kamijou
Manga Debut Chapter ???
Destructive Power  ?
Speed  ?
Range  ?
Durability  ?
Precision  ?
Developmental Potential  ?

Beyond Daft Punk
Japanese Name ビアン・ダフト・パンク
English Name Beyond Mad Punk
Destructive Power  ?
Speed  ?
Range  ?
Durability  ?
Precision  ?
Developmental Potential  ?