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Damien Kankatsu
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English Name Damien Kankatsu
Stand White Stripes
White Stripes Requiem
Age 34
Birthday January 16th, 2007
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Height 6'5 ft
Weight 200 Pounds
Blood Type B+
Nationality Italian American
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Amber
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Food Pasta with Truffle Sauce
Favorite Flower Blue Rose
Occupation University Professor
Hobbies Research, Archeology

Damien Kankatsu is a professor at Cambridge University, specializing in ancient history and archeology. He developed his stand during an archeological dig in Africa where he found a mysterious rock. When the rock gave him an illness that he suffered from for a years before surviving he gained a being known as a stand. He had kept the rock and learned of the legendary arrows which he made copies of. Using these arrows he began researching the stands and their capabilities.

Damien is the user of the extremely powerful stand White Stripes. He also acts as the Main antagonist of Rails of Genesis.


Damien is a striking man. Despite his age he looks youthful and stunning. He is often targeted by girls outside and inside the University. He stands at 6'5 ft, being quite the imposing figure. Damien has shimmering silver hair and deep amber eyes. He also has a pierced left ear, holding three rings and a stud. His usual attire consists of a pair of gray tinted sunglasses that rarely leave his face. He wears long black coat that extends to his ankles, the inside is coated in fake black fur. Under it he wears a collared shirt that ranges in color from day to day. His pants are black like his coat and held up by a fashionable belt. On his feet sit two beaten up black boots.





Abilities and PowersEdit



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