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Ottimo... (オッティモ Ochimo, italian for Great)

Damon D. Draco.

Damon Damiani Draco
Japanese Name デイモン・ダミアーニ・ドラコ
Romanized Name Deimon Damiāni Dorako
English Name Damon Damiani Draco
Birth Name Damon Joestar Draco (デイモン・ジョースター・ドラコ Deimon Jōsutā Dorako)
Namesake Damon Albarn (English musician)
Paolo Damiani (Italian musician)
Draco Rosa (Spanish musician)
Stand Guns N' Roses
Requiem For Guns N' Roses
Age 18
Birthday June 10th
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Height 6'0" ft. (182cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77kg)
Blood Type AB+
Nationality Italian
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food Lasagna (Food), Tangerine (Fruit), Wine (Drink)
Favorite Animal Dog
Occupation Student (Sophomore), Bartender
Hobbies Cooking
Relatives Johnny Joestar (Ancestor)
Antonio & Luciana (Parents)
Luciano D. Draco (Uncle)
Draco Family, Joestar Family

Damon Damiani Draco (デイモン・ダミアーニ・ドラコ Deimon Damiāni Dorako), born as Damon Joestar Draco (デイモン・ジョースター・ドラコ Deimon Jōsutā Dorako) and shortened to Damon D. Draco (デイモン・D・ドラコ Deimon Dī Dorako) or just DD (ッドッド Dodo lit. JoJo) by his friends, is the Main Protagonist of Nero Ribelle.

He is a descendant of Johnny Joestar, being part of the italian branch of the family which had imigrated from the USA to Italy a long time ago. Despite such, he has lived a normal student life until now.



Damon's general appearance.

Damon is a tall young man with average build, considered by many girls to be quite handsome. His face has a triangular-square-shape, his chin being quite pointy as a result. Damon's hair has a dark color, being quite messy and spiky at the same time which prompts people to remark he doesn't need to brush it for it to stay like that. Damon is shown to possess two notable scars, a simple one on his forehead slightly above his left eye, being usually covered by his hair and the other a cross-shaped located on his right-lower abdomen. Despite not reaching the height of other Joestar family members, he is still quite tall, standing 6 feet and having a fair weight of 170lbs, 182 centimeters and 77 kilograms respectively.






Damon often says "Ottimo" (オッティモ Ochimo) as a catchphrase, as it means "Great" in english, mostly in an ironical manner, although he does use it for other stuff. Depending on the manner he uses it, he may strike a pose for each of them.


Axel Rossini: Despite meeting each other quite recently, Damon and Axel quickly become best friends. Since both study in the same class, they spend most of the day with one another, often hanging out during breaks. During weekends, the friends often meet in order to do crazy things or just talk. Having the same sense of humor, Damon and Axel get along even better, often doing jokes together.

Hiroshi Inoue:

Samantha Reese:

Gerard Monroe:

Daphne Brando:

Strano Valentino:


Early LifeEdit


Abilities & PowersEdit



  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
  • Cunning Strategist:


Main article: Guns N' Roses

Damon's Stand: Guns N' Roses.

Main article: Requiem For Guns N' Roses

Major BattlesEdit



  • He is based off of Gray Fullbuster from the Fairy Tail Series.
    • His stand is based off of Eugene Thompson from the Spider-Man Series.
    • His evolved stand is based off of...
  • The name of his stand, Guns N' Roses, is also the same name of the character's and one of the author's favorite bands.
  • Damon's theme is revealed to be "Those Who Fight Further".
  • The fact that Damon is called JoJo by a slight modification of his name's abbreviation: DD (ッドッド Dodo), makes his mom remark that it is quite a stretch.

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