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Dante Inferiro Orlandrius
Japanese Name ダンテイ・インファーイロ・オルランドリウス
Romanized Name Dantei Infāiro Orurandoriusu
English Name Dante Inferiro Orlandrius (Viz Media)
Stand Deus Ex Machina
Age 28
Birthday 9 September
Chinese Zodiac Virgo
Gender Male
Height 216 cm.
Weight 63 kg.
Blood Type O
Nationality Roman
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Yellow/Blue
Favorite Movie Der Fuehrer's Face
Favorite Food Bucatini
Favorite Animal Panther
Occupation Entrepreneur
Hobbies Meddling
Anime Debut Episode 1
SPOILER WARNING: Part Spoiler details may follow.
To everything there is a season...


Dante Inferiro Orlandrius (ダンテイ・インファーイロ・オルランドリウス Dantei Infāiro Orurandoriusu?) is a secondary antagonist featured in Standpunk Underground. A wealthy entrepreneur from the West, he is a great studier and advocate of Standlogy, being a well-known expert and appraiser of them. He is one of several wealthy men and women responsible for the creation and initial funding of underground Stand fighting. He takes an interest in Seiji Kamijou and his allies when they debut, even recruiting newcomer Honghui Lok in the hopes that they will encounter each other.

He is later revealed to be an ally of Judas Priest, working with him to complete the Promised Lance.



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