Darkest Hour
My darkest hour
Japanese Name 最も暗い時間
English Name Dakestuh Howa
User Drake Brando
Namesake In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range B
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential A
 Darkest Hour is the Stand used by Drake Brando in Jojo's Odd Adventure in Part 4. It is a long range Stand with a high potential for development.


Darkest Hour has the power to create and control darkness. Darkest Hour can, as Drake puts it, "pull everything in... and spare not even a ray of light. Meaning anything caught in the darkness created by Darkest Hour slowly sinks into the shadow into a realm of oblivion where not even Drake knows where it goes. Its more likely than not that the darkness just destroys the thinks sucked into it. Along with that, Darkest Hour can touch another Stand and temporarily take its powers away, for about 10 seconds.

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