Death Cab for Cutie
Japanese Name デス・カブ・フォー・クウッティエ
English Name Reaper's Cab (Localized)
User Lucy
Namesake Death Cab for Cutie (American rock band)
Manga Debut JJAA: SO, Chapter 2 "Death Cab for Cutie"

JJAA: SO, Chapter 3 "Stone Flower" (Full appearence)

Anime Debut JJAA: SO, Episode 2 "Stone Flower & White Stripes"
Destructive Power D
Speed B
Range A
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential E
Death Cab for Cutie (デス・カブ・フォー・クウッティエ "Desu kabu foo Kuuttie") is the first major enemy Stand in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Stone Ocean, its user is Lucy.

Appearence Edit

Death Cab for Cutie is very cat like, it has a large feline head with literal car headlights for eyes, around its neck are a pair of skull necklaces, it wears shoulder pads and a "skirt" similar to the one worn by Killer Queen, it's feet are angular, somewhat-pointy paws.

DCfC's hands only have three sharp fingers and a short, sharp thump coming out of the palm.

Abilities Edit

DCfC is a SBR-styled Stand, as in, it doesn't do much fighting on its own and just exists to give its power to its user.

Teleportation: Death Cab for Cutie lets its user teleport when someone, anyone, around them blinks, this can be used to sneak past people and/or surprise attack them.

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