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Diorre Rousseau
Japanese Name ディオール・ルソー
Romanized Name Diōru Rusō
English Name Dior Roseau (Viz Media)
Birth Name Aron Gansa
Stand Candy Shop
Age 276
Birthday September 21st
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Male
Height 197 cm
Weight 84 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality French
Hair Color Fuschia
Eye Color Purple
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Movie Saw
Favorite Food Beef Bourguignon
Favorite Actor Alain Delon
Favorite Animal Lion
Favorite Flower Dandelion
Favorite Musician Claude Debussy
Occupation Attorney
Hobbies Murder
Seiyuu Daisuke Namikawa
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein (English Dub)
My plans, never fail!

—Diorre Rousseau

Diorre Rousseau (ディオール・ルソー, Diōru Rusō?), born Aron Gansa, and nicknamed Dio for the first part of the story, is the main antagonist of Steampunk Desire, and the dominant antagonist throughout the story, being the second most recurring character aside from Giotto Yotsunoya. In the later half, he is referred to as "Aron" instead of Diorre.

Initially born as Aaron Gansa, Diorre soon discovered the true ability of his Stand, Candy Shop, and murdered his parents. From there, he was adopted by the most wealthy families, taking their fortunes slaughtering them, and moving on, in the quickest amount of time possible. This was until he was caught by a man by the name of Jono Joestar. After escaping from that man, Diorre changed his hair color and name to Diorre Roussseau, vowing revenge on the entire Joestar Line.

Diorre is the man responsible for the death of Uedate Higashikata, and the actions of Alphonse G. J. Zeppeli and the events of Call of the Moon.


Is this my real face? Who knows.

—Diorre Rousseau

Diorre's is a very tall man with a light skin complexion and a lean and tone stature. He has fuschia hair, though he was born with blonde hair, and slanted eyes, with yellow irises making him look like something of a' "sly fox". On his face he is constant seen wearing face paint. On his right cheek, a bright green tear drop. On his left, a maroon star, which is to imitate the Joestar birthmark. He also wears green earrings.

His choice of attire makes him look like a jester or clown. He wears a sleeveless v neck blue best adorned with suit symbols on the front and back, with a black sleeveless undershirt which stops at the bottom of his sternum which has a pink collar. Around his abdominal region, he wears a strange purple "shirt" which take the appearance of joined rings of sorts. His choice of pants are that of green "joggers" which stop at his shin, where he sports purple socks which match his armbands. His shoes are green, and have an appearance similar to that of a jesters, with them being long with a curved pointed end. Around his waist he wears a green belt with a heart buckle.


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