Dirty Mind
Japanese Name ダーティ・マインド
English Name Dāti maindo
User Giovanna Joestar
Namesake Dirty Mind(Prince Album)
Manga Debut Ch.1: Yasuho-chan goes to Paris!
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range E (2m; not counting its ability)
Durability C
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
Dirty Mind has the power of printing goddamn mouths in you, and like star-crossed lovers, they earn for each other, goddamnit. Let's see who gives up first, your goddamn body or their love!

Giovanna Joestar, Explaining Dirty Mind's ability.

Dirty Mind(ダーティ・マインド; Dāti maindo) is the Stand of Giovanna Joestar, featured in the upcoming fanfiction GioJo's Bizzare Adventure: Vortice Argento.

Appearance Edit

Dirty Mind is a humanoid stand of slender and feminine build and average height, topping Giovanna for a head. It takes the form of a pale woman with her head wrapped in a black silk and large buitterfly wings for eyes, wearing an crimson shoulderless dress decorated with roses and black opera gloves.

Personality Edit

Dirty Mind's Stand Cry is repeatingly shouting "ORA ORA ORA...!" when punching foes and objects alike, articulated in synchro with her user Giovanna. Occasionally, it'll also shout "WRYYYYYYYYYEAAAAAAH...!!!", much more like Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Dirty Mind has shown to possess superhuman strength, shown when casually kicked down a concrete wall on Giovanna's command and destroyed a car with a barrage of punches. Being a close-ranged Stand, it can also punch enemies in rapid succession.
  • Super Speed: In addition to its strength, Dirty Mind is also extremely fast, being able to catch bullets in midair and outspeed other stands with relative ease.
  • Contact Lipstick: When Dirty Mind punches something, it'll print it with a lipstick-shaped mark that can't be removed when on the Stand's command. When two or more marks are made, Dirty Mind can make them attract each other, much more like magnets, until they made contact, in when they'll glue to each other, either for a instant of indefinitely. This makes Dirty Mind a very versatile Stand which can be used both offensively or supportlngly, as Giovanna can inprint a lipstick on a bullet to make it turn back, inprint other on a car's back for emergency escapes or use multiple marks on an opponent's members to glue them together to immobilize them or pin them to another surface. Dirty Mind's marks are bound to physics, therefore large or heavy objects will only attract smaller ones or break away its affected area.

Trivia Edit

  • Images and appearance based on the "character" Grave of Maria from D. Gray Man series.
  • Before wanting to become a cop, Giovanna used to pickpocket others with her stand, hinting that she awoke it in a fairly young age.
  • The name of the stand is a homage to Gold Experience, the stand of the protagonist Giovanna is based on, being its namesake also a Album by the singer Prince.

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