Djiorno Djo is the son of Giorno Giovanna who managed to break through a time portal out of the doomed timeline of

Djiorno Djio
Japanese Name Djiorno Dio
English Name Dio Diovanna
Namesake Giorno Giovanna and Dio and Djorno lol
Manga Debut Jojolion Vol. 200
Jojo Part 6 and is now lost looking for his Papaa in the lonely world of Jojolion.

He love his papa.


He looks like Giorno except not like he has cool red hair kind of lijke Diavolo, he's also super powerful and strong and inheriting the power of Dio and the Joestar bloodline he's effectively a half-vampire lord who has control of Hamon and also learns the spin later on but it's not as good as Johnny's but because he has all these abilities it's like whatever.

He also gets straight As at school and has 7 girlfriends and 8 boyfriends.

Oh ya he's bi btw lmao.


He's really nice but also really serious at times, he hangs around gargoyle statuues under the rain when he's sad and usies his stand to give them boners bc he thinks its kind of funny even tho hes brooding. He loves singing and wants to be a rockstar but he doesnt have a guit arpo so he canot be a gangstar rockstart bc thats what he wanna be.


idk lol i only drew that pic dont rush me


  • He's the strongerst jojo and loves his friends
  • This is hirohiko araki's secret stand user that nobody should know about
  • His personality is based on Rohand Kishibem except not as much of a dick ya ya!