Doom Metal
Japanese Name ドゥーム・メッタル
User Spring Rocker
Namesake Doom Metal (subgenre of Heavy Metal)
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential A
Doom Metal (ドゥーム・メッタル "Duumu Mettaru") is the bound Stand of Spring Rocker featured in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure

Appearence Edit

Doom Metal is similar to Anubis in that it has a Stand form and a physical form, it is bound to a Gibson Flying V guitar, giving it a black bat shape with a flame decal, it's true form is very similar to Killer Queen, except it has two sets of horns, a nose and it opens its mouth, revealing sharp teeth with blood at the tips, its eyes are green and it has a white collar. On one hand it wears a long flame-like glove and it has a belt with a diamond shape that's yellow and red.

Personality Edit

Doom Metal is similar to Blind Faith, an independent Stand that taunts its opponents and learns from fighting them.

Abilities Edit

Sound Cutters: The waves of sound produced by Doom Metal's guitar form can be turned into flying blades of sound.

Learning: As mentioned before, as DM fights, it learns from its opponent, eventually destroying his target.


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