Drake Brando
Donny brando
Japanese Name ドラゴンブランド
Romanized Name Durake Brando
English Name Drake Brando
Stand Darkest Hour
Age 16 (Part 1); 73 (Part 4)
Birthday December 20th
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Height 5'10" ft.
Nationality English
Race Vampire
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Favorite Color White
Favorite Food Lasagna
Favorite Musician Coleman Hawkins
Affiliation Joestar Family; Brando Family; Undead Empire
Occupation Antagonist
Hobbies Reading
Relatives Joestar Family
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Final Appearance Chapter 239
Anime Debut Episode 1
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

Drake Brando is the adopted son of Walter Joestar and the non-biological brother of Joshua Joestar. He turned into a vampire near the beginning of Sun Justice in order to bring his father back to life, but the stone mask he used corrupted him, turning him evil. After being defeated in part 1, he reappeared in Part 5: Missing Soul as a Stand User, and is a core antagonist of that part.


Originally, Drake was a kind, smart and shy boy whom others described as a very good lad. He always read and admired very much his older brother, Joshua. However, when he donned the stone mask in an effort to try and bring back his dad, it took control of him, turning him into an insane and brutal killing machine known as a vampire. The mask twisted his mind and turned him into the opposite of what he used to be.


  • Vampire Abilities: As Drake is a vampire, all of the perks of being one are his to use.
    • Zombie/Vampire Creation: A vampire can create Zombies either from a living human or the cadaver of the deceased. The Zombies are also strong creatures but less so than their vampiric creator thus they will obey him. The process involves the injection of a vampire extract into one's blood vessels.
    • Enhanced Senses: Superior smell, sight, hearing, taste and feel to normal people
    • Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: Creates two pressurized fluid jets from the eyes. Strong enough to cut cleanly through a stone column.
    • High-level Regeneration: The body is able to live even after having vital body parts amputated. It will regenerate and the body parts can reattach themselves. Vampires can also control their detached body parts. However Vampires will still die if their head is damaged sufficiently.
    • Vaporization Freezing Technique: A freezing ability enabling vampires to freeze their own body parts and transfer the loss of energy by touch. It is able to cancel out the Ripple by freezing the blood in the user's body.
    • Fusion: By fusing different species, the vampires can create half-man half-beast hybrid zombies. They can even fuse themselves with another living being to take control of them.
    • Flesh Buds: A vampires cells can spawn Flesh Buds from their own cells and insert them in the brains of living beings to control them. If someone tries to remove the spore, it will grow tentacles in a attempt to kill both the host and the one trying to remove it. The process can be accelerated by anyone able to manipulate life at a cellular level.
    • Hypnosis: Can place people under their spell
  • Stand Powers
    • Darkness Control: Darkest Hour can create and control darkness in order to suck in things as well as destroy them.
    • Super Strength: Darkest Hour has strength higher than that of a normal human being and throws punches very hard.

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