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Dylan Stump
Japanese Name ディラン・スタンプ
Romanized Name Diran Sutanpu
Namesake Patrick Stump (lead singer of Fall Out Boy)
Stand Beauty/Psycho
Age 17
Birthday 1983
Date of Death 2000 (briefly)
Gender Male
Height 187.96 cm
Weight 86.1 kg
Nationality American
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Occupation Student, Junior Detective
Hobbies Acting, singing

Dylan Stump (ディラン・スタンプ "Diran Sutanpu") is one of the main protagonists of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged", the lifelong best friend of Quentin Beck, and a close ally of Joshua Johnson.


Dylan is a tall, fit American boy, with shaggy brown hair that curves up and to the left in the front and bright green irises. He wears a black zip-up hoodie over a blue shirt with the kanji for "dance!" on it in black. He wears jeans and red and black tennis shoes. He also has a small green and purple lanyard on his left wrist. Most of the time he has a grey trench coat on over this outfit, only removing it when in the heat of battle.


Dylan is very energetic and playful at the best of times, but can immediately switch to a calm, serious nature in bad situations. In his happy-go-lucky state, he often fumbles with simple tasks and is prone to forgetfulness. In his more serious moments, he speaks little and only comments when he feels it necessary. He is unbelievably reckless when protecting his friends and family.



Abilities and Powers

Stand: Dylan commands Beauty/Psycho.