That's the purposes of what Stands are, you dumbskull. The way their powers are so absurd, not even the likes of you cannot do anything against it.

KAMI, to Omnitraxus, about why the latter's mastery over space-time fails to undo EL MUNDO's space-time abilities.


—EL MUNDO's Stand Cry

Japanese Name 世界(エルムンド)
Namesake Spanish for The World
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential E
EL MUNDO (世界(エルムンド) Eru Mundo) is the Stand of KAMI, prominently featured in JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

Appearance & Personality Edit

EL MUNDO comes into view as a bipedal, humanoid Stand of slender physique with an upper body composed of a seemingly transparent skin exhibiting purple blobs flowing about, mainly throughout its chest then spreading towards the arms, as well as the region of its waist. The darkness of the transparent skin is encompassed by a noticeable glow of a violet colour.

Two pointed ears stand prominently on top of its head, where a structure akin to the half of a ring floats behind where they stood. On the back of its head is a long appendage extending down to the level of its knees, with a curled tip on the end. The transparent matter allows one to see a portion of its brain and violet eyes ominously glowing to provoke dread to those who take a glimpse at it.

Abilities Edit

  • Space-Time Distortion:
    • Spatial Reversal:
    • Time Stop:
    • Meteor Summoning:
  • Supernatural Strength & Speed:

Trivia Edit

  • Image provided belongs to this artist.

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