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Eden's Ashes
Japanese Name イーダン・の・アシャズ (Iidan no Ashazu)
English Name Eden's Ashes (Viz Media)
User Raghnall Mac Ghabhann
Namesake Ashes of Eden (Breaking Benjamin song)
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Seiyuu Unknown
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range B
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential D

—Raghnall on Eden's Ashes

Eden's Ashes (イーダン・の・アシャズ Iidan no Ashazu?) is the Stand of Raghnall Mac Ghabhann that is featured in Standpunk Underground.

Similar to The Fool of Stardust Crusaders, it is bound to a substance rather than its user; in this case, ash.


Being bound to ash, Eden's Ashes has no definite form and possesses the ability to change its shape for its user's purposes.

However, there is one common form, the one that it often appears to assume by default either through its own instinct or that of Raghnall. This shape is a rather crude fascimile of the human form, with thin limbs and spindly fingers/toes, complimented by a slightly bulky body. Its head is mounted on an equally thin neck, and the head itself takes a devilish shape. While ordinarily no features outside of a silhouette can be made out, when lit on fire the Stand develops more physical traits. The flames take the form of a firey aura around the Stand's body, and more slides into the base shape itself. Fire is worn as a sort of loose cloak, toungues of flame winding thier way along its body. These gradually head towards its chest area, where a single crest of flames is worn in the shape of two slashes, passing over its shoulders and connecting somewhere behind its head. The light of the fire also illuminates the more subtle features of this Stand. Flame takes the shape of fierce eyes on its head, with shadows echoing just beneath it; shoulder blades of some vareity can also be spotted in this light. Commonly, the flame cloak can take the form of massive, demonic wings composed of entirely fire, though whether this gives Eden's Ashes flight ability in general has not yet been confirmed due to its shapeshifting prowess.

It has no demonstrated any true signs of consciousness, but often when summoned it lets out a low cackle, especially after combusting. It has also shown occasional signs of shock when countered, as well as anger matching its user's and mirth at victory. However, there have been no signs of actual speech or anything beyond faint signs.



Ash Manipulation/Limited Combustion-

Superhuman Speed-

Superhuman Strength-



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