C'mon, you're one of the 7 Demon Lords and you still follow the primal instinct of shouting one of your attacks? Oh dear, I was hoping you are much smarter than the typical Megas out there.

—When being confronted by Lambda about his intentions

News Flash kid; Every time I access into the Digital World, I always get hunted down by at least a number of Digimon higher than the common 5, don't ask me how I got access, it's pretty much a long story. 2 Megas at the skies, 2 Ultimates sniffing me underground, 3 Champions running the barren wastelands, 4 Rookies hiding behind anything big enough to cover their asses off, and 10 In-Training ready to die before they say "For the Digital World!!" Yes, they are fucking loco enough to send suicide baby Digimon bombers just to wipe out the smartass who is responsible for this, ALL OF THIS!!
Edgar Velasquez
Japanese Name エドガー・ベラスケス
Romanized Name Edoga Berasukesu
Birth Name Edgar Manuel G. Velasquez
Namesake Parokya Ni Edgar (Filipino rock band)

Regine Velasquez (Filipina actress)

Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Age 35
Birthday November 30
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 78 kg
Blood Type A
Nationality Filipino
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Favorite Color Silver
Favorite Movie Any historical drama films
Favorite Food Beefsteak
Favorite Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite Animal Komodo Dragon
Favorite Flower Sampaguita
Favorite Musician Eddie Vedder
Favorite Sportsman Manny Pacquiao
Affiliation CIA
Occupation Businessman

CIA Agent

Hobbies Collecting figurines
Relatives Sarah Angela (Younger Sister)
Voice Actor Billy Crawford

Edgar Velasquez (エドガー・ベラスケス Edogā Berasukesu) is a character featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

One of the CIA's best agents, he has been sent by his superiors to investigate the rumours of a growing coup d'etat conspiring within London's borders, through intercepting an elite member of the Secret Service said to be in touch with criminal activity; Charlie Coverdale.

Appearance Edit

Edgar stands in as a fully-grown adult of average height and weight. He typically sports short, black hair maintained in a proper and stylish conduct, hazel hair, and tanned complexion. A noticeable scar can be spotted across his right cheek, which was formed after the terrible events of Typhoon Haiyan.

He sports a jet-black trench coat embroidered by silver accents down front, two short designs are also design around the shoulders in the shape of arrowheads, metallic tips on the ends of the lapels, wavy patterns around the cuffs, and adding a bit of his personal touch with a well-detailed emblem of his own design patched onto the chest pocket in the left. Afterwards, Edgar has mahogany slacks fastened by two belts and a pair of black shoes with yellowish-gold sole.

Personality Edit

To be added soon.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Edit

Edgar's Stand grants him unlimited access to multiple worlds, including the Digital World and its countless alternate versions. Although he can't swap bodies with any alternate versions of him, as the law of no two same beings on the same dimension still applies to him.

Mastery in Hand-to-Hand Combat Edit

He may not look like one, but Edgar, to prove his worth as part of the CIA's elite agents, is an extremely proficient fighter excelling in mixing swift movements with crushing blows. This, in tandem with D4C's phenomenal strength, makes him a terrifying combatant. When his tactics seem to fail him, he will never hesitate in resorting to needless violence.

Tactical Brilliance Edit

Edgar has shown ways where he can let loose inventive and crafty methods he can do so with the keen exploit of his Stand's dimensional ability. He was able to convince Riku into joining him, together studying run-on-the-mill behavior in animals then proceeds to apply countermeasures on an animal's offensive stance at a Digimon. All of his paranoia seem to give full benefit into his strategical intuition, making him very prepared to whatever situation that would likely involve his prime target making a getaway.

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