Impressive, but, it isn't enough to beat my『Edge of Darkness』and its power. Black hole, on!
Edge of Darkness
Edge of darkness actually tho
Japanese Name 闇の縁
English Name Edge of Darkness
User Nigrum Foramen
Namesake The Edge of Darkness by Iron Maiden
Destructive Power C
Speed E
Range A
Durability B
Precision E
Developmental Potential D

Edge of Darkness is Nigrum Foramen's Stand featured in Stormy Seas and is one of the most dangerous Stands the ever exist, according to its user.


Edge of Darkness appears to be mostly black with blue suction cups all over its body. Its legs, arms and back of its head are all tentacles. Coincidentally, those are also the parts that are colored green. It has one vertical central eye and a tentacle beard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

My Stand is neither fast nor physically strong. It's ability can trounce any other Stand though, which makes it the best! It also matches me, because I too, just like my Stand, want to destroy everything in my way!
  • Black Hole Generation: Edge of Darkness has the ability to create and control black holes. It can make it any size, from the size of a golf ball with only slight gravitational pull to the size of Spaceship Earth in Epcot strong enough to pull in something on the other side of the earth. Anything sucked into these black holes is destroyed.
  • Suction Cups: Edge of Darkness's suction cups are strong enough to prevent it from being sucked into its own black hole. It uses this to keep itself and Nigrum from being sucked into black holes along with grabbing hold of enemies to keep them from running away.

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