Electric Wizard
Japanese Name イレックトリック・ウィザード
English Name Electrical Warlock (Localized)
User Isobe Tasuku
Namesake Electric Wizard (English doom metal band)
Manga Debut JJAA: Jojolion, Chapter 3 "Electric Wizard, part 1"
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range A
Durability D
Precision A
Developmental Potential D
That girl is back to life thanks to my Stand, Electric Wizard! And looks like you'll join her as one of my zombies!

—Isobe taunting Joni, Electric Wizard, part 1

Electric Wizard (イレックトリック・ウィザード "Irekkutorikku Wizaado") is the Stand of Isobe Tasuku in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Jojolion

In the story, Isobe uses his Stand's reviving abilities on a dead girl to trap the protagonist, Joni Kujo, in Akane Higashikata's apartment, because he was suspicious of her wanting to suddenly visit Akane.

Appearence Edit

Electric Wizard manifests as a silver, robotic bird with humanoid arms and differently colored wires along its joints, the Stand also has light blue squares and buttons all around its body. Electric Wizard wears a torn, dark gray (almost black) cloak, complete with a hood that stays behind its head, on the Stand's hands is always a large scythe that resembles that used by Death 13, although EW's has a gray grip and a blue and silver blade.

Abilities Edit

Scythe Proficiency: As it has a scythe, Electric Wizard must know how to use it, Isobe's prefered way to kill his victims is to cut the corners of their mouths and let them die from blood loss and/or shock, them set them up as traps for anyone exploring his targeted location.

Partial Revival: Electric Wizard's main ability is that to revive corpses, but not in full, living shape, any rotting or wounds the corpse sustained will remain, they will simply be alive again to do Isobe's bidding.

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