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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Emilia Vartiainen
Japanese Name エミリア・ヴァルティアイネン
Romanized Name Emiria Varutiainen
English Name Emilia Vartiainen (Viz Media)
Namesake Jenni Vartiainen
Stand Only Human
Age 17
Birthday 9 August
Chinese Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Height 170 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Finnish
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Crimson
Favorite Movie The Terminator
Favorite Animal Platypus
Occupation Stand fighter
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Manga Debut SU Chapter 3
An Invitation from Speedwagon (1)
Seiyuu Asami Imai
Voice Actor Arryn Zech


Main article: Sufferer & Witness

Sufferer & Witness

Sufferer & Witness is Emilia's Stand. First developed when she was a child, it possesses the ability to absorb the pain from others in order to empower itself. Ranging from simple physical boosts to the ability to fire off energy blasts made of the absorbed pain itself, S&W is an impressively powerful Stand. Later on, it develops the power to fire off and control the bandages that cover it, though only in predefined paths.

Initially, she was unable to control it, and when it first manifested due to the nearness of an Arrow it rampaged in order to acquire fuel for itself; heavily injuring if not outright killing all the people around her at the time, including her parents. Through the training with Judas Priest, Emilia gained the ability to manifest and battle with it at will, so long as it remained 'fed' with pain. Throughout her travels with the Kamijou group, this develops to the point where Emilia can retain some level of control even when running low on energy, though she has also demonstrated the ability to let it go berserk if she so chooses, for the purposes of both distraction and unpredictability. Its appearance also changes, going from a creature that towers over its user and with no visible lower half to a more conventional Stand, appearing beside its user and even becoming physically more skinny and lithe, seemingly closely matching the build of its user.

It possesses no Stand cry, but rather makes a variety of miscellaneous noises when attacking or performing any other action.

Unique among its fellow humanoid Stands, Sufferer & Witness appears to display its own independent personality. It often moves towards horror or gore-themed manga, magazines, and movies (whether animated or live action), picking them up when incarnated but not in active use. If one is particularly appealing, S&W has been known to occasionally appear and reach for them anyway.


Strategic Cunning

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Medical Prowess