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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Emilia Vartiainen
Japanese Name エミリア・ヴァルティアイネン
Romanized Name Emiria Varutiainen
English Name Emilia Vartiainen (Viz Media)
Namesake Jenni Vartiainen
Stand Sufferer & Witness
Age 17
Birthday 9 August
Chinese Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Height 170 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Finnish
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Crimson
Favorite Movie The Terminator
Favorite Animal Platypus
Occupation Stand fighter
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Manga Debut SU Chapter 3
An Invitation from Speedwagon (1)
Seiyuu Asami Imai
Voice Actor Arryn Zech

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