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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Personality and Relationships

Emilia Vartiainen
Japanese Name エミリア・ヴァルティアイネン
Romanized Name Emiria Varutiainen
English Name Emilia Vartiainen (Viz Media)
Namesake Jenni Vartiainen
Stand Sufferer & Witness
Age 17
Birthday 9 August
Chinese Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Height 170 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Finnish
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Crimson
Favorite Movie The Terminator
Favorite Animal Platypus
Occupation Stand fighter
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Manga Debut SU Chapter 3
An Invitation from Speedwagon (1)
Seiyuu Asami Imai
Voice Actor Arryn Zech


Above all else, what humans need to survive is "gratitude". We can't achieve anything, we can't be worth anything unless people are grateful for whatever we've done with our lives.


As a child, Emilia's most notable trait was by far the tremendous empathy that she possessed. Spending her days in the hospital where her parents worked, she constantly observed the pain and suffering of various patients, and wished for nothing more than to relieve them of that, if only for a few moments. It is likely from this desire that her Stand began to develop, and it was the twisting of this desire that lead to her falling under the influence of Judas Priest following the disaster that was its first awakening.

Grown up and more-world weary, this desire has remarkably remained largely intact, though also quite buried and hidden. Despite her training having taught her to put such things as emotions and circumstantial feelings aside when in battle, they still surface on occasion, doing so more and more as she continues to travel with the Kamijou party. Emilia has an inherent hatred of seeing any living creature in pain, often using her Stand in order to assuage and relieve it from them. Despite attempts to brush aside or callously treat her allies (stating that it is simply to prevent Sufferer & Witness from going on a third rampage), she gradually comes to care for them deeply over the course of their journey. As a result, them being hurt illicits a much stronger reaction than a stranger or random animal. She regards this basic hatred of anything being hurt as her biggest weakness in a fight, but she still holds onto it as the only thing that connects her to the person she once was and wishes to one day become again. The greatest joy to Emilia is the expression of gratitude and joy on the face of one that she has "healed"; to her, it surpasses any words of thanks that could be uttered (though she doesn't mind those either). She often seeks out this expression, and thus puts a great deal of effort into helping others when she thinks she can "get away with it". Traumatized by her Stand's first rampage, Emilia is deathly afraid of it ever happening again, this being part of the reason why she has devoted herself so much to Stand fighting. Even the idea of it losing control again, such as when Seiji attempted to starve it out in their second battle, lead to her becoming incredibly frightened and unpredictable, lashing out at her opponent whenever possible and abandoning strategy to make sure that S&W received its fuel, ultimately opening her up for a knockout blow. As time passes and she gains greater control (as well as understanding) of her Stand, she develops a more amiable relationship with it, calling upon and using it in a more standard fashion rather than the scant and fearful style she used initially.

When in battle, her kinder side vanishes almost completely. Cold and calculating in a fight, Emilia wastes no time in identifying and exploiting the enemy's weaknesses, no matter if it can be considered foul play or not. She is one of the few main characters who show no hesitation or apparent remorse in the act of brutally maiming or outright killing her opponents, often pointing out their own mistakes in strategy and combat while doing so. She appears to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to battles, settling for nothing less than "absolutely defeating" an enemy and breaking them in both body and spirit. She does not necessarily taunt her enemies, but wastes no time in provoking them with a deadpan and disinterested demeanor, attempting to urge them into more fundamental and easy-to-exploit mistakes. Even in victory she has no particular expression of joy, merely acknowledging things as they are. On occasion, however, she has been shown to make snide remarks and quiet insults to those whom have fallen before her. While not a particularly good improviser, preferring to enter battle with some measure of knowledge of the enemy, in manners relating to her she can adapt quickly. She was able to identify an evolution of her Stand's powers and quickly apply it during the arc Let's Hit the Road!, privately continuing to develop it and surprising with the group with some ideas she had come up with. Largely educated in Stand fighting above all else, Emilia has demonstrated a knack for judging how popular enemy and allied Stands would be in the ring, occasionally going so far as to estimate monetary value of their matches. She has also proved to be an exceptionally good trainer on occasion, coming up with the idea of Daft Punk using its own body as a form of railgun and providing Seiji with the training necessary to boost its accuracy and prowess in a fight. According to Dante Inferiro Orlandrius, the only praise that she received from Priest during her training was in her skill of transferring his training to other prospective fighters, and she takes great pride in her ability to impart this knowledge into others.

Overall, Emilia tries to present a low-key persona to those around her, especially people she has met for the first time. Prizing her analytical side over her empathetic one, she showcases the former much more than the latter. She is weak against and hates the unexpected situation in a social setting, and as a result often attempts to disengage from conversations as reasonably quickly as she can. This tendency decreases the closer and more comfortable she becomes around others, most notably those traveling with her and at times other Judas-trained Stand fighters. Emilia doesn't hesitate at all when it comes to insulting and degrading others, be it in jest or in seriousness, though with stranger seems to take a much longer time complimenting them. She presents an element of smugness on occasion, and having this shattered greatly flusters her. Acting boldly in certain matters is a matter of difficulty for her, and requires her to force herself into action with excessive thought on the matter. She appears to have been influenced by her Stand's tastes in music and films, leaning towards heavy or death metal and especially gory or horror films. In a disturbing twist, she appears to enjoy the crimson color of the "pain energy" her Stand absorbs, describing it as uniquely beautiful in one instance to the quasi-horror of her companions.

Due to her Stand's abilities, Emilia is often accused or joked about being a masochist, something she vigorously denies and appears heavily embarrassed by. She has also demonstrated a surprisingly lazy side to her personality when not occupied in any particular activity, needing some cajoling to do anything when "on break".






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