Japanese Name エントロピ
English Name Bedlam
User Izzy Godsong
Namesake Entropy (A song by Bad Religion)
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability E
Precision C
Developmental Potential C

Entropy (エントロピ Entoropi?) is the Stand of Izzy Godsong, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

Appearance & Personality Edit


Entropy is Izzy's Stand with no personality whatsoever. However when it exhibits a tauntingly cruel, malignantly humorous, and sadistically motivated attitude when facing the victims.

Abilities Edit

  • Dreadful Hallucination: Entropy shrouds an area within 15-24 meters a nauseous miasma that sends anyone trapped underneath into psychological distortion. All of their fears ranging from what they have been afraid when they were still young up to what possible factors they fear the most. People will often mistake their own allies as the object/person they are fearful for it, leading them to foolishly attack them clouded by immense and paralyzing fear. The current terrain takes a nightmarish shift within the miasma into a pitch-black forest surrounded by a thicket of dead trees, flowing rivers of boiling blood, and bloodthirsty unidentified monsters ready to sink their fangs. Stand users are unable to summon their Stands, resorting them to basic survival instinct and common sense.
    • Beat The Fear: Entropy challenges its victims into escaping his little playground if they manage to reach the glimmer of light on the end of the realm. Additionally, there are many broken pieces of objects and tools scattered throughout the grounds for the victims to use their survival instincts in crafting makeshift weapons for pushing away the endless hordes of their worst fears.
  • Fear Empowerment: Once the person(s) is/are already experiencing what they fear the most, Entropy absorbs all of their fear-condensed essence into its body through the core on the middle of its face. The energy taken away is then used to strengthen the Stand progressively as more energies are syphoned away to him. The absorbed energy isn't permanent however, as once the person have successfully escaped from the hellish miasma it created, a large portion of what has been syphoned will be restored back to that person.

Trivia Edit

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