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Fiore Zeppeli
Japanese Name フィーオーリー・ツェペリ
Romanized Name Fiioorii Tseperi
English Name Fiore Zeppeli (Viz Media)
Stand Smashing Pumpkin
Age 17
Birthday 18 April
Chinese Zodiac Aries
Gender Female
Height 168 cm.
Weight 51 kg.
Blood Type A
Nationality Italian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Favorite Color Lilac
Favorite Movie Casablanca
Favorite Animal Rabbit
Favorite Flower Camellia
Occupation Researcher
Relatives Piero Zeppeli (brother)
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Yū Shimamura
Voice Actor Unknown
It's a wonderful world, you know. If you're looking at it a certain way.


Fiore Zeppeli (フィーオーリー・ツェペリ Fiioorii Tseperi?) is a young woman descended from the Zeppeli Family, and a main character in Standpunk Underground. Along with her twin brother, Piero, she became a member of the Speedwagon Foundation and entered upon the world of underground Stand fighting. During this period, the Foundation heard of the existence of Seiji Kamijou, the latest descendent of the Joestar family. Though initially hesitant to give him aid, Fiore eventually became one of Seiji's closer allies, aiding him in his pursuit of the individual Judas Priest and the true purpose behind Stand fighting.

Despite being a user of the Ripple, she possesses a Stand: Smashing Pumpkin.



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