Even at the end of everything, you still have another ace up the sleeve, eh Free?

—Avem during his fight with Nigrum Foramen

Free Bird

Free Bird Act 1

Free Bird Act 2

Free Bird Act 3

Free Bird Act 4

Act 5

Free Bird Act 6

Free Bird Act 7

Free Bird Act 8

Japanese Name フリーバード (Furībādo)
English Name Free Bird
User Avem Maris
Namesake Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Seiyuu Unknown
Destructive Power E→E→D→C→C→B→A→A
Speed D→C→A→C→B→C→B→A
Range A→A→A→A→A→A→A→A
Durability E→E→D→B→C→B→B→A
Precision D→C→A→A→B→B→B→A
Developmental Potential A→A→A→A→A→B→C→E

Free Bird is the Stand of the main protagonist of Stormy Seas, a side story of Jojo's Odd Adventure, Avem Maris. It is also one of the few ACT Stands overall, and it has the most ACTS of any Stand ever.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Eikyo Suponji: Free Bird's main ability is to absorb things through sending an impact all throughout an object or person to ripple whatever they're absorbing into the Stand's body, effectively draining the object/person and adding it to their own stockpile. Basically, first Free Bird hits a person, sending an impact that ripples throughout their body, which already damages it. Free Bird chooses beforehand what they want to absorb, so whatever it chose flows from the ripples into Free Bird, effectively allowing it to absorb something from the enemy. It can be health, stamina, or anything. Later on, Free Bird and Avem use this much more effectively, such as for absorbing a metal ship to armor itself.
  • Flight: Free Bird can fly, allowing it to be a difficult target for any Stand attacks.


  • Originally, the name was based on Free As A Bird by the Beetles, but when Lewush heard Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, he changed it
  • The sole intention for Free Bird was to become the Stand with the most ACTs, but soon it became much more than that
  • Avem Maris's name, the user of Free Bird, means Sea Bird in Latin

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