Japanese Name ファー
English Name Furr
User Jokami Joestar
Namesake Furr by Blitzen Trapper
Destructive Power C (changes with transformations)
Speed C (changes with transformations)
Range A
Durability C (changes with transformations)
Precision C (changes with transformations)
Developmental Potential A

Furr is the Stand of the main protagonist of Jojo's Odd Adventure Part 4, Jokami Joestar.


Furr is a humanoid Stand with a female anthropomorphic body type. It is mainly orange, Jokami's favorite color along with the color most of her wardrobe is with black hair and highlights, which is Jokami's hair color. Furr wears a collar around her neck that has the exact same symbol that is on a necklace around Jokami's neck as well as on her shoes. Furr also appears to wear bags around her waist, which is where she "pulls" her knowledge from animals to transform her features into different animals' features.


  • Animal Feature Transformation: Furr has the ability to add onto itself the feature of any animal that Jokami knows about, such as the horns of a bull or the legs of a leopard. Furr can combine 2 animal's features at any given time, allowing for a colossal ability for moves.

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