Juno, you goddamn, hotheaded, son of a bitch!!
It's all white knights and heroes, kid. Others want to achieve by pushing their own limits to the test, only to have their life snuffed out by their own stupidity.
Gabriel Shadows Hughes
Japanese Name ガブリエル・シャドウズ・ヒューズ
Romanized Name Gaburieru Shadōzu Hyūzu
Birth Name Gabriel Matthew Shadows Hughes
Namesake Gabriel (Archangel)

M. Shadows (A7X frontman)

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple bassist & vocalist)

Stand Sugar Magick
Age 25
Birthday August 21
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Weight 75 kg
Blood Type A
Nationality British
Race Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Grey
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Movie Pulp Fiction
Favorite Food Confectionery-based
Favorite Actor John Travolta
Favorite Animal Husky
Favorite Musician Johnny Rotten
Affiliation City of London Police
Occupation Police Officer
Hobbies Collecting silverware
Relatives Charlie Coverdale (Cousin)
Seiyuu Tomokazu Seki
Voice Actor David Vincent

Gabriel S. Hughes (ガブリエル・シャドウズ・ヒューズ Gaburieru Shadōzu Hyūzu) is a major character and the secondary antagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown

A corrupt police officer with latent capacity in keeping himself collected mixed with an ounce of his unorthodoxed methods of violence. He's the younger cousin and occasional "business" partner of Charlie Coverdale.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Gabriel appears as a young man of towering height with a slender and average build. His dark brown hair is kept stylish to his own accord, in a manner similar to his idol. Elvis Presley. In both ears, he has onyx-studded earrings and during occasions that shine how much of a "bad cop" he is, a slick pair of sunglasses usually fits his entire ego.

Primary Attire Edit

Gabriel dons a high-end suit consisting of a silver blazer with white trimming along the front, white cuffs having spiralling patterns, and a inner layer showing a colour of a relatively soft blue. A midnight-blue dress shirt is worn underneath, accompanied by a white necktie detailed with yellowish-gold spots all over. A police badge is pinned to his chest pocket on the left. For his lower paraphernalia, he prefers to wear clear, white slacks tightly secured with a black, leather belt that straps in his gun holster on the right and a pair of handcuffs placed behind. Completing his looks are slick, jet-black leather shoes detailed by metallic soles.

Personality Edit

Gabriel is known by subordinates and crew back at his assigned police station for his addiction for sweets, always seen with a lollipop inside his mouth while being dispatched to head for the scene of the crime. However, in a ploy to hide the purpose of how his Stand functions, he simply explains to them that he was born with a bizarre condition that makes high levels of cholesterol a viable substance for his immunity system, but there have been instances that this little lie is not a life, since he was still at it after consuming a table full of nothing but ice cream-made delicacies.

Pushing his sweet tooth aside, Gabriel is knowledgeable in the many ways of violence, a select number of how he manages his violent methods have been condemned by his superior for nearly killing the suspect while in a way to apprehend them. He comes off as arrogantly sharp, thinking that the rookies can manage to catch some crook without his supervision, lazily watching them doing so from the sidelines, much to their annoyance of their senior's attitude.

Outside of his duties as a police officer, Gabriel reveals his true colours of being completely sadistic, conniving, and highly manipulative, traits quite similar and affiliated with his cousin. He proclaims himself as perfection as a psychological and physical executioner, gaining satisfaction from hearing his victims writhe in pain as he silently shows to them a bloody demonstration of his mastery in torture. Gabriel would also resort to mental interrogation if his victims have proven to be quite resilient in something that their bodies can take, but are willing to give up just to spare their minds from the things that can break them. A metaphorical aura of violence effectively blocks him from any indications of morality, meaning that this cop has no qualms in killing his suspects should they try anything funny to him. Added to his latent skills in strategy and tactics, Gabriel is a formidable and ruthless opponent no one should ever mess with him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Sugar Magick Edit

Gabriel can influence anything that has sugar in it, including the substance itself. The Stand can also inject sugar particles into someone's bloodstream, which causes any blood cells passing by to be transformed into sugar.

Photographic Memory Edit


Investigative Capability Edit


Uncanny Marksmanship Edit

At a young age, Gabriel has proven to be incredibly proficient when it comes to firearms. He can knock an item off of someone's grip without injuring their hand, counter any stray bullet in a heartbeat, hit a helicopter pilot right at the forehead, and can interrupt someone pulling the trigger of another firearm-based weapon.

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