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Giotto Yotsunoya
Japanese Name 乗ジョット
Romanized Name Yotsunoya Jotto
English Name Giotto Yotsunoya (Viz Media)
Stand Full Steam
Age 17
Birthday November 5th
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Height 182 cm
Weight 73 kg.
Blood Type AB
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color White
Favorite Movie Django Unchained
Favorite Food Takoyaki
Favorite Actor Leonaro DiCaprio
Favorite Animal Eagle
Favorite Musician Michael Jackson
Occupation Student
Hobbies Reading
Relatives Veto Rendón (grandfather)
Olivia Rendón (grandmother)
Obasi Yotsunoya (father)
Marzia Yotsunoya (mother)
Shiki Yoshitake (god-father)
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Junichi Suwabe
Voice Actor Kaiji Tang (English Dub)
This is a pain in the ass. (めんどくせー , Mendokusē?)

—Giotto Yotsunoya

Giotto Yotsunoya (乗ジョット, Yotsunoya Jotto?), is the main protagonist of Steampunk Desire. His first name, Giotto ( Jotto?) reflects the Japanese pronunciation of Giotto (a "jo" rather than "gee-oh" sound), while his surname Yotsunoya (乗, Yotsunoya?) may be read as "Jō", thus granting him the nickname of "JoJo".

Giotto is initially a high school student who came to learn about his grandfather's adventures in the past and his bloodline through Shiki Yoshitake who comes to find him after the Speedwagon Foundation seeks him out after learning about his existence. Initially declining, Shiki appearing alerts other "haters" of the Joestar Bloodline who wish to wipe it out, thus forcing Giotto to learn about Stands in order to protect himself and family.


—Giotto Yotsunoya

Giotto is a tall dark skinned man with an extremely muscular and lean physique. His most noticeable feature is his brilliant platinum blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. In all appearances, he is shown wearing a red bracelet on his left wrist. It is unknown where he obtained this bracelet, but he has shown great disdain when someone tries to ouch it, suggesting it is a very personal item.

His initial choice of attire was that of a dark blue hoodie, underneath of which he wore a yellow shirt dress shirt, generally half-tucked, with a black tie. His choice of pants were black, baggy cargo pants with a tan belt around his waist, and blue boots. His pants had a chain near the pocket. On his hands, he wears blue fingerless gloves to match the boots and hoodie.

His hoodie is later replaced with the white jacket with gold trim, on the back having golden badges on his shoulder blades. His undershirt is now black with a yellow tie instead of vice versa. He keeps his blue fingerless gloves from his previous appearance, with his pants remaining cargo pants, but the color having been replaced with blue instead of black. The color of his boots has also changed to black instead of blue with a golden trim.


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