Good grief, you lost to a plant you piece of garbage
Gold Snafu
Gold Snafu
Japanese Name ゴールドスナフ (Gōrudo Sunafu)
English Name Golden Blooper
User Prolly a Jojo lol
Namesake Gold Snafu by Sticky Fingers
Manga Debut Unknown
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range B
Durability C
Precision D
Developmental Potential A → E

Gold Snafu is the Stand used by BLANK in Part 10, and is a very versatile Stand that even the user of the Stand compliments on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gold Snafu is a very powerful Stand, with plant like abilities

  • Plant Manipulation: Gold Snafu can also control the growth and activity of other plant-life
  • Absorbtion of Sunlight: As Gold Snafu is a plant Stand, it can absorb sunlight and use it for many different things.
    • Sugar Production: Gold Snafu can create sugar from the absorbed sunlight, and can use it to stick enemies or drown them even
    • Light Beam Blasts: This is an ability that was discovered much later by its user, but it can decide not to convert the light it absorbs into sugar, and can blast out the energy into lethal light blasts.
    • Energy Production: With this, Gold Snafu can bring itself more energy which can be useful in long fights.
      • Quick Healing: Gold Snafu can use this energy that it has taken to heal its wounds quicker.
      • Better Movement: Gold Snafu can apply its energy to its limbs specifically, making them hit faster and stronger. However it must recharge after this.
  • Razor Leaf Production: Gold Snafu can blast the leaves from its tail towards its enemy, slicing them up. Along with that, the golden blades on its wrist can be used to cut enemies up
  • Spore Production: Gold Snafu can blast spores out of its back towards its enemy, seeding them with its plants.
    • Poisonous Plants: Gold Snafu's spores are poisonous, and given the chance to grow on an enemy, it can kill them in about 15 minutes.
  • Somewhat Draconian Physiology: Gold Snafu has the beak, claws, and talons of a Draconian figure, and can use them to cut up an enemy
  • Roots: Gold Snafu can put roots into the ground and suck up nutrients
    • Absorbing People's Nutrients: Gold Snafu can put its roots into people and suck nutrients out of them


Gold Snafu seems like a very powerful Stand, but it has pretty substantial weaknesses that are somewhat hard to look over, such as...

  • Fire
  • Night
  • Ice
  • Salt Water


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