Golden Years
Japanese Name ゴールダン・イヤーズ
English Name Golden Wind (Localized)
User Giomar Giovanna
Namesake Golden Years (Song by David Bowie)
Manga Debut JJAA: VA, Chapter 2 "Dark Necessities, Part 1"
Anime Debut JJAA: VA, Episode 2 "Dark Necessities"
Seiyuu Takako Honda
Destructive Power D -> A
Speed A
Range E -> A
Durability A
Precision B -> A
Developmental Potential C -> A
Golden Years (ゴールダン・イヤーズ "Goorudan Iyaazu") is the Stand used by the protagonist of Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Vento Aureo, Giomar Giovanna.

When it is peirced by the arrow in the final battle of its respective part, it becomes Golden Years Requiem

Appearence Edit

Golden Years is an androgynous Stand, it wears a golden masquerade mask that blends in with the rest of its skin, Golden Years has orange armor on its chest, legs and forearms.

Its eyes are plain dark-green ovals with light-green vertical pupils, there are lines going downwards from the edges of its eyes that make them look like Gs, for its user's nickname, Giogio.

Golden Years' helmet has wings on the sides, same with its boots. Connected to its waist are belts similar to those worn by Armani Brando, Giomar's father.

Requiem Edit

Golden Years' eyes become more human-like and it gets flowers and vines around its body, it also becomes slimmer and its head "blooms" open at the back, revealing a type of star in place of its brain

Personality Edit

Giomar can talk through Golden Years and it yells "MUDA MUDA" while attacking.

In its Requiem form, Golden Years is completely independent and acts on its own, until Giomar learns to control it again and uses its powerful abilities against Neapolito.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Abilities: Self-explanatory.

Time Stop: Giomar is able to stop time for 3 seconds at a time.

Requiem Edit

Indefinite Time Stop: Golden Years can stop time until its user says otherwise.

Time-Space Displacement: Golden Years can move people and objects somewhere else in time and space, they can be closer to GY in the past, present or future, or eternally far from them.

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