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Hahahaha...yes, that's right! If the world is the one in the wrong, then reject it with all of your right! For the sake of the justice you believe in, destroy any who dare deny you of your freedom! Call for me...and release your rage!

—Graceful Robber's Awakening

Graceful Robber
Japanese Name Yūgana Gōtō
English Name Elegant Thief
User Joru Jotekata
Namesake Arsène Lupin
Seiyuu Jun Fukuyama
Destructive Power B
Speed A-
Range B+
Durability B
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
Graceful Robber (優雅な強盗, Yūgana Gōtō), or simply Robber (強盗, Gōtō), is the Stand of Joru Jotekata. It is also the first-known "Psychosis Stand" to appear in Thief Syndrome.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Graceful Robber has slender build garbed in what appears to be a black suit with a red overcoat with a high collar that was cut off below its ribs with gold chains linking the lapels of the coat together. Around its neck is a Victorian style tie with a blue jewel in the center. It's legs are also covered in red, leading down to a pair of sharp dress shoes with what appear to be blades protruding downward from its lower calves. A black mask with forward facing horns, later to be revealed of a liquid metal attached to the mask, is positioned on its face, possessing glowing red, demonic eyes and sporting a demonic grin of the same color. A tall top hat sits on its cranium. On its back are two, large, black feathered wings.

Graceful Robber, as a Psychosis Stand, has a more human-like disposition than other Stands, and even has a state of sentience. It reflects Joru's true self, in that he desires the strength to overcome his weakness and obtain the means to change. The wings it carries represents this desire. It comes off with a terrifying, yet regal and mischievous demeanor, taking pleasure in bringing down, as it calls, "overly arrogant and tepid parasites." According to Joru, Graceful Robber's demeanor is also influenced by Joru himself, having read a great deal of novels prior to awakening to his Stand. Among those novels were those of Le Blaunc's works, namely that of Arsène Lupin, a gentleman thief who robbed criminals who were worse than himself. Joru has confessed that he, too, also takes satisfaction in knocking down arrogant individuals down a peg. Graceful Robber also desires what Joru desires; the power to change. While Joru himself does not know what he wants to change, having yet to find the answer, it wants the power to change Joru, so that he may find an answer. It is also very encouraging, telling Joru to follow down the path of the phantom thief, believing it may find his answer.

Abilities Edit

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